October 8, 2010

Girls Weekend

Utah, here I come. I am so excited to get to see Amy for a few days! Girl time...Oh Yea!

Margo and Amy are such great friends... they are even teaching at the same school.

I get to watch these girls play volleyball this weekend. Go WHS!

And... It just happens to be Lisa and James Anniversary today. Congratulations you two. You have always been perfect for each other and you have blessed all of us with your love, example and goodness. We love you!

Jennie took this picture of them...Isn't it awesome!

Leah, Amber, James, Jennie and Lisa

James and Lisa holding Leah's hand...

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defining amy said...

thanks so much for coming to visit me, mom!! i'm sorry my volleyball girls didn't play so hot, and i was pretty much too exhausted to do anything else. you're the best. and thanks for the food storage. love you!!