June 28, 2009

Becca and Davis

On Saturday June 27th, our niece Rebecca Huntington and Davis MacKay were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Las Vegas LDS Temple. She looked stunning, Davis very handsome and they were both happy as can be.
It was so much fun to be a part of their special day.

Congratulations Becca and Davis... We love you!

It's been wonderful having my sister Lisa here, she is the best... and we love being able to spend so much time with Dad. Five days this week our sweet dad has been to the temple. He loves being at the temple and says,
"I feel closest to your mother there..."

P.S. Jennie is going to give a workshop on editing photos. She edited just a few of the ones I took at the wedding and I was amazed at how great they look. You can email Jennie for more info.

P.S.S. You have go to Jennie's blog and check out Davis dancing with some of his groomsmen for Becca. He earned my vote for one of the coolest grooms ever!

June 21, 2009

Teacher Amy Is HOME!

YEAHOOOO! Amy made it home from Taiwan safe and sound after traveling for 25 hours... She looks fabulous and happy and it is so wonderful to have her back in the USA and home!

We all LOVE YOU AMY! We are so glad you are home!!! Now would you please stay at least for a little while?

What a great Fathers Day! I love my sweet dad so much and I am so in love with the dad in our home...there are none better...I am the luckiest in the world!

Slip-n Sliding

"Aunt Ally is the coolest ever!" That is what the kids said after she took them slip-n- sliding with a ginormous tarp on a massive hill at the Willows...They had the funnest time!!!
I am very grateful that they didn't break a leg or something!!
Fun memories...

It has been a blast having Lisa, Noah and Ethan here for a week! We just don't want them to leave!!!
Now only 6 hours till "Teacher Amy" is HOME! YEAHOOOOOO!!!
I don't know how you missionary moms do it for two years!

June 20, 2009

Wonderful Friends

We had a great time going out with some of our dear friends and neighbors last night. It's going to be the last time we get to go out with Jon and Susan for a while...like three years to be exact! They will be going to the MTC this week as they prepare to go and serve the Lord for three years on an LDS mission in Santa Rosa, California. They are such amazing friends and a real example to all of us of what it means to really sacrifice and be willing to go and serve whenever and wherever. They are going to be loved and adored in Santa Rosa as they will be Mission President and companion ("Mission Mom") there...We sure love you and while we will miss you like crazy...we are so grateful for your goodness and forever friendship. We will definitely be coming for a visit!

Stacy and Teresa... Nick and Keri... Susan and Jon
We are so blessed to have such great friends!

June 14, 2009

Ally is HOME...again...finally!

Allyson made it home safely from Taiwan!! Yea! She left yesterday which was Sunday in Taiwan at 4:40pm and got here today...Sunday at 5:45pm...crazy. The time is 15 hours ahead there!!! She had a fabulous time and loved being with Amy and seeing first hand what she has been doing over there for the last 6 months. We are so happy you are home Ally Kay XOXO...now only one more week until "Teacher Amy" is home too!

June 13, 2009


So You Think You Can Dance? Well these two sure can!!!
Olivia and Kate had their big Bunker Dance Recital today...Wow they were cute!

It was so fun to have Dad and Aunt Lisa there too...(I promise that Dad has other short sleeved snap plaid shirts. This one is just his favorite! I think I'm going to hide it for a while...)
Way to go Livie and Kate you guys were AWESOME!

Tonight is Taylor's turn so watch for Dance part 2...

Wow Miss Tay Tay was GREAT! She was so dang cute tonight! The whole show was FANTASTIC! I love watching my adorable grandaughters dance...actually I love watching them do anything!

June 7, 2009

World Travelers are coming home soon!

Thank goodness Amy and Allyson will both be home within the next two weeks. They have been gone long enough!!!!!! They have certainly had a wonderful time and have enjoyed being together and have made memories to last a lifetime. Now you two get your booties HOME!

Yesterday Kaden had his All Star game. It was the Las Vegas All Stars vs. the Henderson All Stars. They played the game at a high school on the full high school field and everything...they even had the loud speakers going to announce the play by play. I accidentally left the battery to my camera home charging...sad day...so I only have the video of the game. Kaden was awesome!!!! He was the quarterback for almost the entire game. He scored two touchdowns and scored two of the extra points!!! The whole team played amazing and they beat those Henderson kids...I mean whoopped them!!!! 26 to 6!!!! It was so sweet! Papa Jack even came again and he loved every minute. Way to go K-Dog! You are a STUD!

June 5, 2009

Pink Day!

June 5th will forever more be known as Pink Day... Today is my mom's birthday. And since pink was above and beyond her very favorite color, Jennie has declared today PINK DAY in honor of Grami. What a great idea...We have had pink smoothies and the kids are making pink cupcakes. Lisa is planting a pink rose bush and Kate is wearing a beautiful pink dress. When she put it on Kate said, "Grami would just love it!" My brother Scott is wearing a pink shirt and dedicating his gig tonight to Mom. Allyn is wearing his pink shirt and Dad is going to wear his pink tie when we take him to dinner tonight.
I will forever think of Mom whenever I see anything beautiful and pink.
Oh, I miss her.

Dad wanted to treat us to Lawrys tonight because it was where we went with Mom just last year and it was her favorite... so a new tradition along with Pink Day, it's Lawrys Prime Rib for dinner. Next year Steve, Scott and Lisa are all going to try to be here too. I love family traditions even if they are brand new ones...

June 3, 2009

How did they grow up so fast?

I just found this picture of Kaden and Taylor...they were such cute little babies!!
It was so fun to have our first two grandbabies born just one month apart.
I'd just like to know where the last almost nine years went!