February 28, 2012

Beautiful Bridal Shower

Jan hosted the most beautiful bridal shower ever, for Ally last Saturday. She is so talented in every way! It was truly amazing. Every detail was so pretty. Amy asked Allyson if her shower was everything she ever dreamed it would be and she said, "Oh, waaay better!!" So many wonderful friends were there to support her. I got lots of great pictures... but I missed tons!! Just know how very much we appreciate everyone who came and all who helped to make Ally's shower the best ever. I am amazed at all the love and kindness and I truly feel more joy than my heart can hold when I think about the love of family and friends that surrounds us everyday.                                                             

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!
We love you!!

February 27, 2012

MM 105

Last Saturday was Ally's bridal shower...it was fantastic in every way! (more on that later.)
But first, I had to post these old pictures for Memory Monday from our "Wedding Couple Shower" 36 years ago. 
Oh my! Just look at Allyn's 70's rust colored polyester pants and way too cool silk shirt...and of course his long hair that I thought was absolutely dreamy. I think we still have those matching aprons somewhere:)

February 22, 2012

lets go...

Amy: "Do you want to go to the Grand Canyon for the day?"
Ally: "Yeah, sounds awesome, let's go!"
Those crazy kids...

February 20, 2012


Beautiful Sisters
One of our traditions was that each daughter got a name necklace made by grandpa on their sixteenth birthday. This picture was taken on Leah's 16th, and I can still remember how excited she was to finally get her necklace!

February 17, 2012

fast passing days

I love this picture...I love them.
It was taken last November, the day that Ally gave her homecoming talk in church about her mission.
When I saw it on my desktop this morning...I thought, "How can it already be the middle of February? It seems as though it should just be a couple of weeks after this pic was taken, not three months later!!" Looking at this picture and remembering that day makes me wish we could magically go back in time, and make the things that happened only a few weeks after that day, not happen. 
But, we can't go back... the days keep flying by and life keeps going on.  
Well, I'm deciding again today to make each one of those ridiculously fast passing days, good ones. Filled with happiness and love. And when the days are sometimes filled with disappointments and sadness, work hard to be grateful for the things I've learned, people I love and just..."keep swimming."

February 13, 2012

MM103 ...Balloon's for Leah

  Leah always loved balloons. 

Last week I received a package of balloons and a note from my dear friend Abby. She said that after her husband died, she took their children to his graveside and they all wrote notes on some balloons and then let them go. 
Her little, then three year old, didn't want to let her balloon go, but after some coaxing she released it. 
Then she proudly exclaimed, "Mommy, he catched it!" 
So on Saturday for Leah's birthday we gathered as a family at the cemetery and sat by her graveside and wrote love notes to LeeLee. We cried, shared some memories, and then we talked about what we want to do this year to honor her. Some of the things we shared were to..."Be more loving and give with a tender heart." "Not to judge anyone, just love and accept them." "Do a little better everyday." "Help someone who is struggling or sad." "Be grateful." 
"Be there for her kids and shower them with love." 
We all knelt and had a special family prayer.
We tied the love notes to the balloons and let them go...
As we watched them lift higher into the sky, Allyn said, "Look where they are headed. They are going straight toward the temple." That little tender moment brought a warmth and comforting peace to all of us. I am so grateful that we believe in the sealing power of God. His promises are sure. We can be together forever. 
I know we can be. I know we will be.
I pray that Leah knows how much we all love and miss her...I hope she "catched it" too.

February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday LeeLee

Happy Birthday sweet daughter of ours. We miss you so much it hurts everyday. 
We love you more than all the stars in the sky...forever.

February 9, 2012

best. neighbors. ever.

Thanks to wonderful Keri and her sweet family, our neighborhood has an amazing tradition every year. All the neighbors go to their house and make about 500 sack lunches. Then the next day, Christmas Eve, we caravan downtown and give out lunches, chapstick, and scarves to the homeless. This is one of the highlights of our whole year. All the kids talk about it and look forward to it...and I know that all of us will always remember the feeling of love and giving from the heart, as we share in this small act of service. 
It's not a big thing...but it sure helps to put things in perspective.