September 28, 2008

Kaden's Baptism Day

Kaden was baptized yesterday. It was a wonderful day. There were so many dear friend, neighbors and family that were there to help Kaden celebrate this special day. I am so grateful for the sweet love and the tender spirit that not only filled the room, but filled our hearts to overflowing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true...and I am so grateful that Kaden chose to be baptized and follow Jesus. He is a good, loving little boy and we are blessed beyond measure to have him in our lives.

September 22, 2008

Kaden is getting baptized...

Kaden is very excited to be baptized, but he was also very nervous for his interview with the Bishop yesterday. When he was all done he walked out of the Bishop's office with a grin from ear to ear. The Bishop said he asked him, "Kaden why are you such a good boy?" and Kaden said... "I don't know, it just happened!"

September 18, 2008

Happiness is your family...

While I was cleaning out a drawer I found a disk that my dad had made for me years ago.

These disks are something that my dad has been making for over sixty years...all the kids at the original Las Vegas High School would come to my dad's old jewelery store on Fremont Street and order one for themselves or their friends. People are still ordering them... Even now, I'll see random people wearing my dad's hand engraved disks and I'll think, "Wow, My dad made that!"
Well, this disk that I found while cleaning has my name on the front all fancy in my dad's one of a kind beautiful hand engraving, and on the back it says,
"Happiness is your family..."
I put it on right away and I have been really thinking about that quote a lot this week.
Just as all of you love your families...I love my family. Each and every member. We are not perfect... definitely not perfect. We have many ups and downs, happy times and very sad times, good memories and not so good ones, joys beyond compare and heartaches too, but through it all, the thread of love is woven through our eclectic family fabric. That endless love, that love without limits for my forever family brings me great happiness.

Caleb is doing so much better this week. His smile lights up the room!

Jennie, Amy and I took Olivia and Kate to the Springs Preserve. It is such a cool place!

Kaden's first day of Cub Scouts! He said, "This is the best day ever!!!"

Can you believe how big Levi is getting?! He is 14lbs. already!

Kaden and Olivia all ready for church
Jackson is such a stud soccer player!

Aunt Ally and Aunt Amy with the kiddos...

September 12, 2008

Get Well Soon Caleb!

Our grandson Caleb is at UCLA Medical Center having surgery on his foot today. We have all been worrying and praying for this sweet little boy. The bones in his foot have not been growing properly and so they had to go in and add a cadaver bone and re-position the bones and put screws in to hold everything in place. He will be in a full leg cast for six weeks and then a walking cast for another few months. This is a lot to go through for a little five year old. We just received the update from Brian and the surgery went really well...We are so grateful. Caleb will have to have a few more surgeries in the next few years. He is such a special, wonderful little guy and we all love him so much.

Being very naive as a younger mother I used to think that all the big worries would just go away when the kids grew up and left home...Ha! That was silly! There is just way more to worry about, pray about, be concerned about and many, many more to love!!!

We love you Caleb!! Get well soon XOXOXOXOXOX

Olivia has been staying with us for a whole week... We have been having lots of fun and enjoying every minute with her!

September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jennie!

How can our Jennie be 30 today?!!!!! Where have all the years gone? WE LOVE YOU...Here are just some of the reasons why...
1) You have always been such a blessing and a joy
2) You take after your dad and are just plain obedient. You never have to question or doubt, you just always do what you know is right
3) You have always been the peacemaker and want every one to be happy
4) You are ridiculously talented and creative...You amaze me with all you do. There isn't anything you want to do that you don't try and are great at. From starting your own businesses (yes plural) to making up rap birthday songs, from your college degree to making the coolest hair bows...You can do ANYTHING!
5) You are a wonderful mother...There are none better...I can hardly believe that my baby Jennie has four beautiful children of her own
6)You are an amazing teacher and have influenced countless young women, kids, RS sisters etc.
7)Your testimony is so tender and real
8)You love the Lord and serve, give and love as He would want you to
9)You are a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt...etc.
10)Dependable, true, wise, patient, funny, driven...well, let's just say that I want to grow up to be like you and I would absolutely be lost without you!
I Love You Jennie...Happy Birthday

September 5, 2008

Families are Forever

I love this picture. When we went to the beach, we drove to the San Diego Temple on Sunday after going to church in Del Mar. It is so beautiful... I am so grateful for the gospel and to know that we truly can be together forever.

September 4, 2008


So, when we were at the beach a couple of weeks ago I was going down the stairs...the very long stairs, to the beach on our last day there. My arms were filled with a beach chair, umbrella, small cooler, toys for the kids, a backpack and of course my camera... when I reached the very last step, I stood on what I thought were wood planks... only one was missing, which I didn't see because of all of the stuff I was carrying... so I rolled my foot, screamed a little, dropped all of the stuff, & breathed in deeply while trying not to scream again! It really, really hurt...but hey, we were at the beach and I was not going to let my clutziness stop me from enjoying precious beach I just kept on going (even though I am sure my family was tired of hearing me complain about how bad my foot hurt!) In stead of getting better it seemed to be hurting worse so I finally went to the doctor yesterday... and I have a stress fracture on the outside bone of my foot... So, I have to wear this lovely boot for three weeks! At least I know why it was hurting so much and hopefully in three weeks it will be as good as new! I am just grateful it wasn't worse and at least I don't have to use crutches!!!

Here are some cute pictures from last week and Kaden's first day of school...he is a big second grader now!

A few of us "mom's" went to Mimi's for breakfast to celebrate school being back in...YEA!!!!