October 30, 2009

Kaden the Ninja

About a month ago I asked Kaden what he wanted to be for Halloween. He took me right to the computer and showed me a picture of this ninja guy from one of his video games.

Kaden:"Pleeeeaaassssse!!!! I really, REALLY want to be this ninja warrior Sasuke." I never even heard of this crazy ninja guy! But, being a nice Grama...I got everything I needed to sew the main costume and match the picture Kaden showed me. We went on ebay and ordered the robe (so it would be exactly right) from CHINA (yes, I said China!) and the exact Sasuke wig. Never have I ever ordered anything from China! He checked the mail almost daily until it finally got here. Yesterday everything had finally arrived. I got it all ready for him to take to his school Halloween party. And then Kaden said, " I don't think I want to wear my costume to school." After about fainting I said, " excuse me, are you kidding!!!!" Kaden: "I think I might be too embarrassed"... Calmly well, kinda calmly I said, " But... Kaden, it is so cool and well, we went to alot of work to get this costume... and well, I think you look so awesome in it!" I think finally today after a lot of coaxing he finally thinks it's cool too.
Boys. are. way. different. than. girls.
What I really think is that we will go to Target next year.

October 26, 2009

Great Weekend

Saturday started off with Kaden's football game at 8:30am. Way too early!
I love how he holds the ball with his left hand and strong arms with his broken right arm. He's crazy.

Jackson's soccer game was next. He is such a stud.
Levi thought that he should be able to go out on the field too...what a cutie!

Chad was "Mr. Mom" all weekend as Jennie went to Utah for a photo seminar...
(check out a few of her pictures, she is an amazing photographer! )
Chad did great...but is looking forward to "real mom" coming home!
Kate had the same hair do and wore the same clothes for three days...she told me,
"Well Grama, it is my favorite skirt!

Then it was off to Taylor's Giving Grizzlies service project. This is a service group at Taylor's school. The kids have to write an essay and have good grades & citizenship to join. They do several service projects throughout the community during the year. Yesterday they helped put on a Halloween carnival for foster kids.
It was really fun and all of the kids had a great time.
What an awesome club.

Then it was home and time for Stake Conference and preparing my talk for Sunday . I guess I've gotten away without speaking for four years...so it was time. But, man am I glad it is over now.
I need a picture of Allyn and his counselors... they are so good and are truly inspired to lead our Stake. I am so very grateful for President S. and the righteous way he shares his testimony and the inspired way he leads us. I love him.
Stake Conference was great and I feel more determined than ever to do better and live better everyday.

October 22, 2009

Halloween Memories

I've been looking through some old pictures...I. take. a. lot. of. pictures. I am just not very good at putting them into albums and keeping them in order. Not good at all. When I came across some of these old Halloween pictures I had to smile. What great times we had...what wonderful memories.
I love how so many of the costumes got recycled and used over and over again...
I think I still have most of them in the costume box in the basement!
Happy Halloween...

Amy's the pumpkin, Leah & cousin Kristin were "cave women" and Jennie was a "Genie" (her favorite costume of all time!) Amy won the costume contest that year (1987)...Jennie was afraid she was going to walk right off of the stage! Ally wore the same pumpkin costume a three years later...

Aunt Lisa and Amber in 1979...classic

Leah with Amy 1989...Kaden in 2009 all in the same clown costume!!!

Check out Jennie as a princess in 1984 (that's where Kate gets her love of princesses from!) & as a bunny in 1979... and Taylor as a bunny in 2001 (Kaden is the pumpkin)...

That Snow White costume is still hanging around...Kate came over last Saturday wearing it!


Amber in the classic poodle skirt in 1988 and Amy in the same skirt in 1996

Leah and Caleb in 2005

Olivia, Caleb and Kate in 2008

Halloween 2006

Kaden (vampire), Taylor (rock star), Jackson (cowboy) and Kate ("Cindellela") in 2007

Last year at our annual Pumpkin Patch Family Night...

October 19, 2009

Lion King

I haven't blogged as much as I've needed to lately so I am still catching up! Last Thursday Ally and Amy came home because they had "Fall Break". It was wonderful to have them back home and here with us even if it was only for a couple of days. All the kiddos loved seeing their aunties. Saturday Allyn took us girls to see Lion King at the Mandalay Bay...It was awesome. The costumes were fabulous and we all really enjoyed everything about it.

The Happy Homeowner!!

Yeahooo! Amy moved in to her brand new condo last week!!

I felt so lucky to get to spend a few days with her and help her move in. We had a blast.
It is beautiful!! She is one lucky 23 year old...(she seems a lot older than that when I think about the things she has done and accomplished.) We are so happy for you Amy and we are looking forward to coming up for visits...
yep, so glad you have an extra bedroom!
Congratulations happy homeowner!

"Brad the tool man" was amazing as he hooked up the refrigerator & the washer and dryer, moved in furniture, hung pictures, hung a huge mirror and shelf and was quite the handyman with his electric drill and level!
We would have been lost without Brad!!! Thankyouthankyou...

Amy's very first trip to IKEA was a big success!!

Here's a few pics...Isn't it awesome?

Her back is happy that she will now do her lesson plans at a desk while sitting in a good chair in her very own office. And the view from that window is gorgeous!

October 18, 2009

Still Play'in Football!

Remember how Kaden broke his arm a few weeks ago at football practice? Well, not much can slow this boy down...so... sssshhhhhh... ( his dad rigged up an arm pad and glove and Kaden is back on the football field.) Saturday he scored a touchdown and a 2 point conversion and last Wednesday night he got to play in a exhibition game at UNLV's big stadium before the semi-pro "LV Locomotives" played.
Kaden had a blast and scored 2 touchdowns.
He loved the big stadium, the lights and the very loud announcers.
His doctors note for PE said "Kaden can do light jogging and calisthenics".
Football could possibly be considered calisthenics...right?