August 29, 2012

Happy 86th Birthday Papa Jack!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! 
We all love you so much, and count our blessings everyday that you are our dad, papa, patriarch, grandpa, great grandpa, example, friend, confidant, inspiration, leader and everything good and wonderful... 
You really are the best Dad! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!
 We had fun celebrating our three August birthdays last Sunday. 
When I was cooking the third cake, I thought "This is pretty silly, but hey... it's gotta look good for the picture:)" 
I was shocked when we actually had very little cake left!

August 28, 2012

Cute kids... & our brave Caleb

These are some mighty cute kids... who are growing up way too fast!! 
We are so lucky to be their grandparents:)
Please keep our Caleb in your prayers. 
This brave, wonderful loving, giving, sweet boy will be having his left leg amputated on September 6th.
Caleb has suffered with a tumor that started growing on his foot when he was about 8 months old. Over the last several months the tumor has grown really rapidly and the fear is that it has turned in to cancer.
So, the doctors have scheduled surgery for next week. 
On Sunday Caleb said, "Grama, I'm gettin' a new leg... It's going to be great!"
He is the bravest, sweetest little boy ever. 
His example of courage and strength teaches us everyday.
We love you Caleb!!!!

August 23, 2012


Sometimes I just wish life was fair...but it isn't. 
 I am sad because this beautiful baby girl was taken away from her loving, amazing, wonderful adoptive parents yesterday. They loved and adored her more than words could ever express.
Beautiful Baby's birth mom changed her mind...a couple of months after this adorable picture with Papa Jack was taken. 

I understand both sides of adoption...I. really. do.
I know how hard and selfless it is to place a baby for adoption...wanting truly what is the very best for the baby. 
I pray that Beautiful Baby Girl will be safe, loved and know how much the first parents who held her, took tender care of her, adored her, & doted on her... love her and always will. 

I am grateful for this special family and so thankful that our sweet grandson
is being loved and raised by amazing parents. 
I got the sweetest message on my phone from Azurdee the other day,  just telling me how much she loves us and how grateful she is for our sweet Leah.  We love you too and count our blessings everyday that you are part of
our family.

August 20, 2012


This picture was taken about 11 years ago. Leah and Jocelyn were roommates and went to hair school together. 
They shared lots of great experiences and probably laughed and had more fun than is humanly possible:)
It was wonderful to see Jocelyn and her husband and beautiful children a few weeks ago when they were in town and came to visit us. We reminisced, laughed and cried together as we talked about Leah. 
I'm so grateful for wonderful friends.

Beach Wrap Up

We had a great time at a Padres baseball game while we were at the beach. Petco park is very cool...
And for the second year in a row, we went to the horse races at Del Mar Racetrack.
The gang picked #2 to win...and he did!!
 We celebrated Grampa Al's birthday at the beach..and this picture is pretty priceless. 
Steve and Chad were really into singing "Happy Birthday To You:)"
 Yep, he's "Superman" for sure...

August 13, 2012

Memory Monday 126

This great picture of Amy and her friends was taken about 7 years ago at a BYU football game.
Amy's friend Nicole is from England and she busted out the flag for the perfect photo opp.

We have absolutely loved watching the Olympics...I'm so sad they are over:(
Congratulations to all of the amazing athletes...their hard work and dedication is inspiring.
We are an Olympicwatchingfamilyforsure!!!
Here are some pics of our Family Olympic Kick Off BBQ...
 Running with the Olympic Torch...& putting cotton balls in a bowl with vaseline covered noses:)
 Blowing bubbles through hoola hoops:)
Enjoying yummy "Olympic Burgers"
We also had... Biggest Cannonball Competition (Steve soaked me and Grandma Teresa!!)  Ballyball, Trampoline Tricks, Weight Lifting Relays, Javeline Throw through Hoola Hoops, Swimming Races...and lots more!! 
It was a fun new tradition for sure...
The Fabulous Gold Medal Winners

August 11, 2012

Beach Week 2012

OK, so I have been a little bit missing in action on my blog lately...our internet went down, I've been out of town, but mostly I've been enjoying the lazy days of summer:) I'm not liking that it is coming to an end soon. 
Summer is pretty fantastic.
Well, I'd better begin catching up... I'll start with our wonderful beach week. Lisa, James, Noah and Ethan got to come to the beach with us for the first time in a long time, and it was so great. There were about 20 of us there for the week. The adults came home pretty much needing a vacation haha, but we wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything:) So many great memories. I know it's what the kids will talk about when they grow up and remember things that they did with Grama and Grampa.

Grampa Al and Grama Linda went boogie boarding...oh yes we did:)

 Here's a couple of pics from last summer...the kids are sure growing up:)