April 26, 2011


I have been almost afraid to write this post for fear I might zinx all the good things that have happened recently for our family. For those who read this, and know our family well, you also know that our oldest daughter Amber has struggled with addictions for a very long time. We have prayed, pleaded, and done all we knew how to do to try to help her. It has been years filled with faith, pain, hope, heartache, sadness, longing and never giving up. The choice to live a good, clean and sober life has always been Amber's to make, not ours.
Our Heavenly Father never intended to force us to follow Him. He gave us the precious gift of agency. We are free to choose for ourselves the way we will live our lives. Sometimes we use that gift wisely and sometimes we don't.
I have really loved this Easter more than ever before, as I have truly thought about the greatest gift and sacrifice of all. Before we had an Easter egg hunt with all the kiddos last week, we watched a video about the life of Christ and His last days. We talked about what Easter really means and why we celebrate it. Jesus gave His life for us. He took upon himself all of our sins, heartaches, illnesses, pain, and addictions through the Atonement. He suffered for our sins and saved us from them. What a glorious promise, that if we will repent and come unto Him, we can be forgiven and made clean and whole again. His grace and His love for us knows no bounds. He was resurrected, and because of Him we can live again and be families forever. As we all sat together watching the video, answering the kids questions, and teaching them about our Savior, my heart was filled to overflowing with gratitude and love.

Last week Amber came home. She is clean, sober and has made a choice to change her life. There is something different this time, and I see a light and a brightness in her eyes like I haven't seen before. Thank you for your prayers for our family...(and please keep 'em coming, we need all the help we can get.)
Welcome home Amber, we've missed you so much. You can do this. I know it.

I stole this from Amy's blog. I love it...

Easter Fun

We had a grandkids sleepover last week and loved having these cute kids over for some Easter fun...

April 25, 2011


I love all of the ruffles...oh my goodness did we ever have ruffles at our house!
And I love the wonderful memories that these old Easter pictures bring to my heart.

April 22, 2011

Super Saturday

Last Saturday started out bright and early with Kaden's football game against his old team and #1 rival, The Green Machine. Both teams came into the last regular game of the season undefeated, and the atmosphere was pretty intense and exciting. Kaden rushed for 110 yards on 12 carries and set up the winning touchdown with a 55 yard sprint down the sideline... the Fury beat the Green Machine 12 to 6. It was awesome!
And Kaden was named the Player of the Week for the whole league. Way to go Sweetness!

After Kaden's game we went to Jackson's flag football game. As we were watching the game Chad told Jackson he would give him $5 if he got a good tackle... one of the dads who was sitting close by said, "Geez what will you give him if he gets an interception? $10?!!" And Chad said, (knowing that the possibility of Jackson getting an interception was pretty slim), "I'd give him $100 if he got an interception!!!" Well Jackson heard that, and a couple of plays later he jumped high in the air and got a beautiful interception, his first ever!! The whole sideline cheered like crazy and Jackson had a smile from ear to ear. Nothing motivates Jackson like a little cash. It was so great!

After the big football victories, we decided it was the perfect night for a BBQ and swim party. What a fun day...
OK Amy, come home again soon! Please... We miss you around here already!

The Krazy

Grandpa loves "The Krazy"...
So after him spoiling us girls with pedicures last week we all enjoyed an "excellante" lunch at his favorite buffet.

Kate's Party

Kate and Olivia sure love each other...and they had so much fun at Kate's birthday party, along with about 12 other little girls! And having Aunt Amy home was the icing on the cake...