June 22, 2012


Here are a bunch of random pics from the last few months that have been hanging around on my screen needing someplace to go:) Some of them are favorites that I've put on Instagram (my new favorite app!) 

Levi looked up at the pic of Amy and said, "Hey, Amy gots my number!"
Kaden took this pic on my birthday...isn't my husband handsome:)
I love this one of Kate and Jennie right after Kate's fabulous KIDSHINE performance...
 Kaden and Jackson are obsessed with Nike Elite socks, so Kaden talked me into taking him to the Nike Store at the Forum Shops. He loved the football display of all the teams in their new Nike uniforms.
 Tayor and her pretty Mama right after her choir performance. Miss Tay is quite a star...straight A's all year too:)
Levi loves it when big cousin will play Superheros with him...they are so serious!
Grandpa Ron and Baby Jax
I stole these pictures of my nephew Justin, Jena and baby Jax from Jena's blog. These guys love the outdoors...hiking, biking, motorcycling, snowboarding, camping, you name it!! 
They're such a beautiful family:)
Kate's birthday bash...Skookies (pan cookies smothered in ice cream, hot fudge and whip cream) are a family favorite for sure.
 Levi is a crazy one...
Beautiful girls...

Amy's passport was needing to get a new stamp, and so Amy and Rachel took a fun trip to Cancun in May. They had fabulous time. Congrats to Rachel for getting her Masters in Public Administration!!

June 18, 2012

Memory Monday 121

My little sis Lisa, my BFF Taffy and me looking somewhat like a duck...
Check out those very "vintage" 1970's yellow shoes:) and Lisa's pink matching ones.
Mom and Dad's navy blue Thunderbird was pretty awesome too.

June 15, 2012


Look how big and how cute Bristol is... he is such a busy, beautiful, happy boy. 
I am so grateful to his sweet parents for always keeping us updated on how he is doing.

June 11, 2012

5th Grade Graduate

 Kaden graduated from elementary school...
Are you kidding me? It seems like yesterday he was just starting kindergarten!
 These three... Kaden, Hunter and Bryce, call themselves the Three Musketeers.

Yay! It's Summer...woooohoooo!

Memory Monday 120

Today Kaden and Jackson started basketball camp...woo hoo. And Miss Kate started tennis camp.
Now, we only have three more months to keep the kiddos busy...ahhh summertime!

I love the sweet memories these pictures bring...the kids are growing up so fast.

June 5, 2012

Go Ravens!

Saturday night Kaden and his Ravens football team played the Falcons in the first round of the play offs. They lost to the Falcons during the season when Kaden was out with his broken foot. I don't care for that team too much...the coaches trash talk a.lot. They said, "...just because Kaden's back, don't mean nothin', we're still gonna beat you." Well, they were wrong. Raven's beat the Falcons, knocking them out of the tournament by the way... 26 to 7 
Oh yeah!
Kaden and Jackson #5 are the perfect 1-2 punch. Kaden threw an awesome pass 25 yards to Jackson, who has magic hands:) for the first touchdown of the game. It was so sweet. 
It was like Joe Montana to Jerry Rice... haha  OK that dates me just a little. It was still sweet.
Levi and Jackson were the good luck charms:)
Jennie said, "This picture just cracks me up!" haha Is Levi cute or what?!

June 4, 2012

MM 119

Ethan, Taylor and Kaden were born just one month apart. 
They are such great cousin/friends and have always had so much fun together.

Jackson is getting so tall...that now, even though he is 2 years younger, he is taller than everybody!
Having cousins so close is the best!
 Every summer we always plan a trip to Utah to visit Aunt Lisa, and the kids are already wanting to know when we are going. If it were up to them we would go today:)

June 1, 2012

Mary Poppins

Taylor got an early birthday present and Kate got a late present..."Mary Poppins" at the new Smith Center and Jennie invited me to come celebrate with them. It was fabulous!!! Kate was literally on the edge of her seat for about 2 1/2 hours. The only time she was sad was when intermission came and she thought it was over. She didn't want it to ever end. Kate's been singing all of the songs everyday all day and is already been begging to go and see it again!
 It is so great to have a beautiful new facility to enjoy wonderful Broadway plays. 
We already have our tickets for "Wicked" I'm so excited:)