November 26, 2012

Memory Monday

Beautiful Leah...

I'm not going to lie, this last week has been really hard in a lot of ways.
Thanksgiving 2011 was the last time we saw our daughter, the last time we hugged her, the last time we told her we loved her, and the last time all of our girls were together.   
I had a few breakdowns and shed a lot of tears while putting up this gold Christmas tree this year. I remember vividly what happened last year, 5 days after Thanksgiving. I had been putting up Christmas decorations all morning, had finally taken a shower and got dressed at about 1pm when I heard Allyn, sobbing as he rushed in the house to hold me and tell me that our precious Leah had just died. It was the worst moment of our lives. I didn't believe it. I screamed, but the tears wouldn't come. I could fill buckets with the tears I've shed since that day.
I remember thinking that I would never be able to be happy again. 
I have learned more in the last year and felt the love of our Savior more abundantly than I ever realized could even be possible. I am filled with gratitude and joy. I'm grateful for the wonderful memories, miracles, blessings and promises. I'm grateful for God's love, grace and mercy, that heals my broken heart and makes the sad days happy again. I'm grateful for our forever family and for amazing, thoughtful, dear friends.

"The Super Bowl"

Last week Kaden and his Cowboys team played in the "Super Bowl"... their championship game. Kaden scored a touchdown, ran in the extra point, threw for another touchdown and played like a beast on defense. It was an awesome game to watch, especially because they won!!!!!
Way to go Cowboys!

Kaden's  #1 Fans WootHoot!
 Proud Dad:)

November 20, 2012

Memory Monday on Tuesday'll.get.caught.up:)

For many years we took our Christmas Card pictures on Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful that we had that tradition, because now I can look back and through these pictures relive those precious days.

Here are just a few of some of the pictures through the years...
And here is last years picture which I will forever be grateful that we have. ...

I just found this picture from about 1954 of my unbelievably cute brothers, Steven, Scott, Ron and Ric. 
Mom dressed them like they just walked out of a magazine.

November 19, 2012

forever friends and a 5 hour lunch

Ahhh, such wonderful friends...  Libby, Kim, Teresa, Gloria, Wendy and Mary Kay
We had a 5 hour long High School Reunion lunch last Saturday at Kim's beautiful (understatement) home, and enjoyed every minute visiting, laughing and talking about the old LVHS days. We were definitely feeling a little nostalgic and about as old as Las Vegas High School (not really, just almost!)
 So grateful for all of my amazing friends. I'm so blessed.
Class of '74

November 16, 2012

Levi and his "googles" (goggles).oh.goodness.

Jennie just sent me this

November 15, 2012

Memory Monday...a little late:)

This picture was taken the day we brought Leah home from the hospital. I love the joy that shines through Lisa's loving smile. Allyn and I were thrilled to be blessed with each one of our beautiful daughters.
Do me a favor today...hug, call or tell each of your kids you love them and how precious they are to you.

November 8, 2012

We Love Papa Jack and Happy Caleb

These kids love their Papa Jack:) 
Caleb and I spent the day together on Tuesday and we had so much fun. We went to the store and we were just talking & laughing as we were walking in...yes, Caleb is walking without any crutches now:)  I happened to be holding his hand, and all of a sudden his foot fell off!! We were a little shocked at first and I was so glad we were holding hands... and then we both just started cracking up, giggling and thinking about the poor man in the store who was rather speechless. Caleb is my hero. He is doing so well and is as happy as can be.
When Levi first saw Caleb's prosthesis, he said, "Wow, you got a robot leg..." And Caleb said, "Yeah, isn't it cool?!!"

November 5, 2012

MM 135 Bragging, Babies and Blessings

Our nephew Justin... & Sharon and Ron several years ago:) How cute is this picture?
And Dr. Justin Huntington today...

I just have to brag a little... I can't resist.
My nephew is a real smartie pants scientist doctor. Justin has his doctorate in Hydrology which is basically the study of water, and a whole lot more. Well, he was just appointed, as one of 25 international scientists, yes world wide!!! to the NASA Landsat Science Team. Oh yeah, how cool is that?! 
Allyn was talking to him on the phone the other day for a while when Justin said, "Hey Uncle Al, can I call you back, NASA has been waiting on the other line." Al came in with a smile on his face, just shaking his head... 
We love our nephews and nieces...they sure make us proud:)
  Jena, Jax and them!

 We are so happy for our nephew Tyler and his wife Kelly who just had their 2nd baby boy, Rhett. 
Keep those handsome Dixon boys coming!!
Proud Mimi Lisa with Kalvin and Rhett in Nebraska, where Ty is going to law school.

And we're thrilled for Becca and Davis who just welcomed their new baby girl Harper. 
She is so beautiful:)
 Our family is growing...Grami is sending blessings from heaven for sure.

November 2, 2012

Homecoming Quest Style

 A couple of weeks ago the high school Amy teaches at, Quest Prep, had their first Homecoming. Amy is the Student Counsel adviser (of course she is) and so she involved the family as part of the decorating committee. Even Jamie was involved in making the sparkly light ceiling. We all had a good time and it turned out awesome!

Brittney happened to be in town and so she came and helped too...
It was awesome seeing these two together again like the good ole days:)
Amy and her principal. Let's just say Connie really adores Amy and is so grateful to have her at Quest. 
The dance was a huge success. The kids came at 8pm and stayed till 11pm, when they finally had to kick them out:)

1 year ago today

 One year ago today, we were in Houston Texas. It was one of the happiest days in my whole life...seeing our daughter after 18 months of serving a mission. We met such wonderful people there and made memories I will always cherish. Ally sent us a text today that said, "Mom and Dad, today a year ago marks one of the best days of my life. Coming in a close 2nd to my wedding day. Today a year ago, you both flew to Texas to pick me up from my mission. I'll never forget the feeling of running through the living room of the mission presidents house to hug you. And the next several days were amazing... Maybe to prepare us for some of the worst days that would be just a few weeks later... I just wanted to thank you both so much for all of your support and love... I love you Wonder Woman and Superman." 
Ahhhh such wonderful sweet feelings rush to my heart just thinking about those sweet, remarkable days. I do think that God blessed us with such great, happy days, in part to prepare us for what was to come.
I'm starting to panic a little bit thinking about Thanksgiving and knowing that last Thanksgiving was the last day we saw our Leah. I can hardly believe that the year anniversary of losing our daughter in this life is November 29th. 
I am grateful to know, in a very real way, that families are forever and that one coming day we will be running through heaven to see her again.