March 31, 2008

Festival of Colors

So last Saturday Amy and Ally went to the Festival of colors in Spanish Fork, Utah. I guess it is a celebration of colors using colored powder stuff. There were thousands of people there and it looks like they had a lot of crazy fun celebrating colors with the 
Hari Krishnas!
Oh, the life of college students...

I am glad that they do their own laundry!

March 30, 2008


Blanky has been returned to Kate! The bad guys did not get caught, but the cops found Jennie's car on the other side of town. The chrome wheels were gone and so was the console and wood paneling etc. but, blanky was still left in the car seat. I guess those jerks just needed some stuff to put into another car that was probably stolen!
Well, now Kate carries around two blankies... one on each shoulder... and she is a very happy almost three year old!

March 27, 2008

Bad Guys!

Yesterday I was talking to Jennie on the phone and she was a little frustrated because she had been waiting at the doctors office for 2 hours for a well check for Kate. Kate was tired, Jennie was tired and they both just wanted to go home. About a half hour later Jennie called again and said that when they finally got done at the doctors office they went out to their car and it was STOLEN!!! The only thing left was glass all over the place where the car thieves had broken out the window. The worst part for Kate was that her very loved, used, adored,
favorite blanky in the whole world was in the car!

Here is Kate lovin her blanky while we were at Disneyland last month...
Last night Kate called and said, "Blama, will you tell those bad guys to bring me my blanky!!!... I neeeed it!" She was sooo sad, it broke my heart. I hope those jerks get caught and go to jail! How dare they take Kate's favorite blanky, let alone Jennie's mom taxi! The only thing I could do was promise her I would make her a new one and that she could pick out any fabric she wanted. So today Jennie and Kate went to the fabric store and Kate picked out her very favorite pretty pink princess fabric... and they came to "Blama Linda's" and waited for me to get home! Everything stopped and we made Kate her new "Princess Blanket"...

March 26, 2008

Easter Blessings...

Easter was a great day. I am so grateful for my many blessings and the promise of Forever Families because of our Savior ...

March 22, 2008

Spring Break...

Our family loves the beach! This week we were able to go to Del Mar, CA and have a blast enjoying the sun, waves, beach, swimming and most of all each other. Amy was able to fly in for a couple of days too. (We missed Ally because she had to go back to school and couldn't come...) We even drove to Long Beach and caught a couple of BYU Mens Volleyball matches. The whole family is planning on a week at the beach in the summer, and we can't wait to go back. This was a great week and we are very grateful to our dear friends who let us enjoy their beautiful beach house. We Love the beach!!!

When I asked Kate what her favorite part of the beach was, she said, "Princesses!"

March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is my sister Lisa's birthday... and I had to wish her a happy, happy b-day. My sister is the greatest sister in the whole wide world and I am blessed, lucky and so grateful that she is mine. She teaches me every day with her amazing example and never ending love. While I was blessed with five girls, Lisa had five handsome sons. She is such a wonderful mother and has raised such beautiful, respectful, righteous boys. She is much more than an aunt to my girls... she is much more than "Aunt Lisa"... She is more like their second mom, best friend, example, confidant, rescuer, and example of everything that a wonderful, righteous woman should be.
I Love You Little Sis!!! Happy Birthday!

March 16, 2008

Go Rebels!

Last Saturday I went to the UNLV/ BYU basketball game with Ally, Courtney, Holly and Janae. Before leaving for the game I had a hard time deciding whether to wear Cougar Blue or Rebel Red! I went with a very neutral white t-shirt... but I did put on my BYU jacket. It is hard to switch from being a huge BYU fan, for volleyball especially, for the last four years, back to being a Runnin' Rebel fan, even though we have been Rebel fans for thirty years. I decided that since BYU has paid for Amy's entire college and still is until the end of spring term, that I could wear my blue and white for at least one more time against UNLV. It is a lot easier when they don't play each other! But, Saturday, I have to admit that I was secretly cheering for UNLV to pull it out... I love the underdog. I agree with Susan and think that the sign that said this was my favorite too... "You just lost to: two walk ons, a 27 year old, a 6'7" center and a guy named "Wink". I am happy UNLV gets to go to the "Big Dance" and BYU does too. Wink Adams was absolutely amazing. But, I will say that I did not like the very rude, foul mouthed UNLV fans that were sitting by us and I think that pouring beer over the BYU players heads as they were heading for the tunnel at the end of the game was ridiculous! I have come to realize that there are going to be ignorant, dumb fans anywhere you go and you can't let a few ruin it for everyone else.
As I saw the big celebration at the end, I thought back to some big UNLV games that we have been there to cheer for... Great memories! It is even starting to feel like some of the magic is back.
I found these old pictures from the early years...

Me, RaNae and Laurie with Armon Gillium in 1987. Rebels made it to the Final Four that year.
RaNae and me with Anderson Hunt in 1990 right before the National Championship victory!
Good Luck next week Rebels... and good luck to the Cougars too...

March 15, 2008

32 years...

Thirty two years ago today Allyn and I were married in the
Salt Lake Temple...
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart...
Our first date was 35 years ago today... We met while dragging Fremont Street. (Yes, you used to be able to do that... remember we're old!) Well, we actually met in Macayo's parking lot a couple of weeks later after a LVHS basketball game. Rod Leavitt introduced us. Rod was helping me with my math and one day he showed Allyn a picture of the girl he was seeing. Allyn said, "That's her, that's the girl I saw on Fremont Street!" He talked Rod into introducing us... and the rest is history or eternity however you want to look at it.
When we first started dating (I was 16 and he was 18), Allyn wanted to be a dealer on the strip and get married at about thirty and have one child, a son. Well, things turned out quite a bit differently... and I am so grateful.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I love him:
1. He seldom if ever gets mad and never ever yells.
2. He's always a big help. Sometimes I have to kick him out of the kitchen and tell him he doesn't have to do the dishes. Crazy, I know... I do realize that this is not normal.
3. He brings me flowers for no reason at all.
4. He defines the word "integrity".
5. He is witty and very funny and can always make me laugh.
6. He loves to serve and does every day.
7. He tells me he loves me at least once a day and puts up with me even when I'm being grumpy.
8. He would do anything for us and does.
9. He loves the Lord and is completely obedient.
10. I could go on and on... I love you Allyn David, Happy Anniversary

We went to see KA at the MGM Saturday night to celebrate...

March 13, 2008


Here is another video of Super Singer Kate... She is so cute!!!

March 12, 2008

Hot Water!

Today is an "I am so grateful day..." I have never been so thankful for HOT WATER!!!

Our hot water heater went out Sunday morning. I didn't know this until I went to take a shower and get ready for church! Well, there was no choice but to take a very, very cold shower. My throat still hurts from gasping for air and trying to catch my breath. Ohhh it was cold... I know, I'm a wimp! Monday the repairman came, but couldn't do anything until some repair work on the step and the wall around the water heater was fixed because the leaking water(that had gone un-detected) had done some real damage. Stacy stopped everything he was doing and came right over and went to work. Stacy and Allyn were busy working until midnight. He is such an awesome neighbor and friend. They got it all ready for the water heater guy, but that guy couldn't come back until today! So, we have used some very creative water heating methods (using every pan in the kitchen) for laundry and dishes... and walked over to Stacy and Teresa's for showers! Four days without hot water is too long. I have been reminded how spoiled we are and I will never take hot water for granted again!
Ahhhh, I am going to take a very hot shower...
Ally's friends came over to enjoy the spa, since that was the only water that could get hot...

March 9, 2008

Dance, Football and Grandma S. Birthday

The last few days have been lots of fun and a little wild... Friday, Jennie and the kids came over to spend the night because Chad was out of town and Taylor had her very first Bunker Dance competition! Jennie had to leave at 7am to get Taylor there and so Ally(who is home for a week on spring break!) and I got Jackson and Kate ready and then went to see Taylor and the Bunker Starlets. She was adorable and is without question the cutest 7 year old dancer on the planet!
Do I sound like a proud Grama? Well, yep I am! Here is Taylor getting her first (many more to come), dance award.
After the dance competition all the girls went out to lunch to celebrate.
Then it was time for football! Kaden and the Warriors were playing the Bulldogs for 1st place in their PeeWee Division. It was a very intense game and honestly quite crazy! Parents at these football games are totally out of control. It is supposed to be FUN and a GAME for 7 and 8 year old boys! But, some of these crazy parents take it to a level I do not understand! There was almost a riot when the refs walked off the field before the game ended. All, I can say is Kaden played amazing and is such a great outside linebacker, even though most of the kids are way, way bigger than he is. Check out these awesome pictures of Kaden (in blue) tackling a huge Bulldog who had a open lane for a touchdown! Go get 'em Kaden!! (By the way, the Warriors ended up winning because the Bulldogs played 2 players that were too old and so they had to forfeit... cheaters never win!)
We all went to Grandma S. birthday get together after the game. She is 89 Years old and is such a wonderful mom, grandma and great grandma. She is such a beautiful example of everything good. We love you Grandma. Here is Allyn and his sister Georgia and their sweet mother.
Today Kate was our after dinner entertainment... She is quite the singer! And she is soooooo cute!

March 4, 2008

Way To Go Amy!

Last week the BYU Women's Volleyball Team was honored during halftime of a BYU basketball game for reaching the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament and finishing the season ranked 12th in the nation! The whole team played awesome. It was really such a great finish for Amy's volleyball career. She will not be playing any more, even though she has one season of eligibility left, because of her really, really bad back.
Amy went to her first BYU volleyball camp when she was 7 years old and she has basically played year round ever since that first camp so long ago. I can remember her talking about, hoping and dreaming about, being the setter for BYU one day. With all of her hard work and determination those dreams did come true, even though a back doctor told her her senior year of high school to "figure out what plan B is because you will never play college volleyball with that back!"
It wasn't easy. In fact it was really hard and there were lots of ups and downs. Her courage, strength and determination taught us all what it truly means to not only follow your dreams, but to live them. You are such a great example Amy! 
Congratulations #15
Brittney giving Amy big hug after beating Utah
at the U for the first time in six years!
Ivan and Amy were all smiles after the win against Utah at home.
Proud Dad and Ally with Amy
Jennie drove to Provo with the kids to be at Amy's last home match against UNLV. Amy had 57 assists, 18 digs and 9 blocks! As Jennie said, "Pretty freakin awesome!"
BYU beat University of Washington who was ranked 6th in the nation in the second round of the NCAA tournament. It was a very exciting weekend in Seattle.
BYU played Penn State, the eventual National Champions for their last match. Amy is holding "Prostie" (the nickname she gave to her back brace). That brace was what held her up so she could play! It has been her constant companion for the last four years.
Chelsea, Amy, Rachel and Bryn started their BYU careers together and will be friends forever...
Congratulations on a great volleyball career Amy. We love you and we are so proud of you!

March 2, 2008

Sunday Dinner

My nephew Justin and his fiancee Jena were in town this weekend and so we had a big family dinner. It was great to see them. They are such a cute couple. We are all looking forward to their big wedding in October.
We love it when Grami and Grandpa Jack can come over. Grami had hip surgery a few months ago and it has been a very long recovery, but she is doing lots better and we are all so grateful.
The kids can't ever get enough of Grami's hugs and kisses!