September 27, 2010


The weeks just seem to fly by. I can hardly believe that it's Memory Monday again.
In this very old photograph (1959 yikes!), I must have been mad at my brother Steven for teasing me or something. Just look how pleased he is with himself. The funny thing is, I see my granddaughters use the almost identical pout when their brothers tease them, grumpy eyebrows and all!

September 24, 2010

Bristol, 501, Sweetness, Jack Attack and Cute Caleb...

Last week end Bristol, Brett, Azurdee & Janika all came to visit. We love it when we get to spend time with them!
Bristol is such a beautiful boy...

Grampa Al calls Levi "501" for short...
This boy is crazy, fun, pretty wild and definitely not too sure about Bristol sitting on HIS mom's lap!

Yes, Kaden's jersey really does say "Sweetness"... His new team is "The Fury" and they are 2 and 0!
Now that is sweet!

Jackson, "Jack Attack" is an awesome soccer player... And he loves having his dad be his coach.

Caleb got to spend the day with us yesterday... movies, McDonalds, treats, cookies, and pretty much anything Caleb wanted to do. We loved getting to spend time with you buddy...
You are awesome.

September 22, 2010


I love Fridays... and last Friday was no exception. The day started out with a field trip to the Shark Reef, and this Grandma (me) got to go as a chaperone. I had never been there before and I loved it... it was amazing. It was fun to get to know the kids in Kaden's class a little bit better too. He even wanted to sit by me on the bus, imagine. that.

After Kaden's field trip, it was time for Kate's Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic.
She is so cute, obedient, always on task, and pretty much "Teacher's Pet".

Friday night Grampa Al and I took Taylor and her friend Alexis to the Red Rock Stake Musical Night at Opportunity Village. It was amazing! To see hundred of teenagers on a Friday night putting on wholesome musical skits, singing, dancing, and giving standing ovations to each other and to the clients of Opportunity Village was so wonderful...It brought tears to my eyes.really. Jennie is in the Stake YW Pres. and spent many hours taking hundreds of pictures & helping with everything. The kids put on a carnival all day Sat. and had a youth dance Sat. night. Jennie put together an amazing slide show of the whole weekend that they showed at the dance...
What an awesome Youth Conference...and a memory these kids and their leaders will never forget.

September 20, 2010


It's volleyball season, and the memories came flooding back when I found these old pictures this morning. Amy played volleyball at Durango H. S. and Allyson played volleyball at Bonanza H.S. We dressed the kiddos in matching shirts to cheer on their favorite volleyball stars...Aunt Amy and Aunt Ally. When Durango played Bonanza, we changed the kids shirts to match their aunties teams in between matches...bows for Taylor and all.
Great memories...

September 13, 2010


This picture was taken 22 years ago this month, wow... on Allyson's blessing day. Church started at 8:30am and oh, I remember well how hard it was to get everyone ready and to church on time...Allyn David was at meetings all morning, so we were on our own. I remember setting all of the girls clothes, stockings and shoes out the night before, along with the "Quiet Book" I had made for Amy. That's our 1st Suburban in the background. I remember feeling so thrilled when we moved up from the brown station wagon to the cool Suburban with "running boards". Those were the days...

September 10, 2010


Our missionary, Ally, is doing great in Texas.
She loves it there and has been enjoying all of the rain! She loves the people so much and has been working hard. We are so proud of her.

"It's pouring buckets outside! I am a happy girl. The best part is that it's always a surprise. It doesn't tempt you with clouds and gray skies for hours before the prize. Just out of the blue (literally), the rain comes down like I've never seen before. It's wonderful."

The bike... Ally named it the "Heathen"

Zone Conference

Ally is a new Texas Longhorn fan.

Love this family...they take great care of the missionaries!

Ally and her companion helped one of their investigators clean their house and wash their dog...
Cleopatra and her son Kahari and Ally...

Birthday fun...she got spoiled with all that lovin'

The Klein Zone at the Houston Temple

"Well, I love you all. Things are moving along here in Texas quite great. I'm so grateful for the love I have at home.
I pray for you always."
Love, Your Missionary