February 22, 2010

Memory Monday 4

Our family has always loved going to the beach...who doesn't? This picture brought back great memories of the summer of '93 at Laguna Beach. It was so fun to have cousins Stevie, Jacklyn and Tara come and spend the day at the beach and then after a long day of body surfing, boogie boarding, Chinese checker playing, tanning,
& sand castle making.... enjoy dinner & fabulous shakes at Ruby's Diner.
Leah, Amy, Allyson, Tara, Stevie, Jaclyn, Jennie and Amber...fun times.

February 21, 2010

So Handsome...

For the last few years...the boys have outnumbered the girls at our house...
& I'm feeling very lucky to have these two handsome boys bless my life everyday.

February 16, 2010

Happy Kids...

As long as there is plenty of ice cream, fun treats, lots of cookies, and a football or two at Grama and Grampa's...
these are some very happy kids.

Yes, those are stitches on Levi's lip. He pulled something off of the counter right onto his face.
We still couldn't talk him into wearing the football helmet the right way.

February 15, 2010

Memory Monday 3

Last week Kate came over and she was very happy and content blowing bubbles for a very long time. She would open the door and say..."Look at this big one!" "Grama & Mom, I caught a bubble!" "Come quick
and look at this one!!!" Hey, you gotta see this one!"
It reminded me of her mom, and how much Jennie loved to blow bubbles and
how often she would open the door and ask me to come and look...

February 10, 2010


Last night I emailed Jennie and asked if she would make Kaden's Valentine again this year...within 15 minutes she emailed this back to me. When I showed Kaden his Valentine and the ones Jennie made for the kids, he said,
"How does she do it? I think my Aunt Jennie is a Super Hero or something!!" Yep, I agree, she is.

February 9, 2010

Jackson's Basketball Game and the Entertainment...

Jackson played grrrreat at his basketball game last night.
The game was exciting but I have to say that Levi was definitely the entertainment...oh, he's cute!

February 8, 2010

Memory Monday 2

I love this picture of Amber showing off her new baby sister, Amy, to the Shelton kids who lived across the street.
What wonderful memories we have of living on Patrick Lane...18 years. I loved those early years in the cul-de-sac, watching the kids play outside, visits with Cindy and Candy, lemonade stands, the kids "stores" of every kind and variety, the yellow school bus, Bryce & Jared putting up with all those girls, trampoline jumping, swing sets, Candy's book fair, progressive dinners, presidency meetings, car pools, sharing time manuals, sharing bread, sharing life...

When Amy was born, I decided to try this new thing called an epidural. Back then in 1986, they had a nurse anethisists give it to me. It. was. not. good. She did something wrong and I had a spinal leak. Headaches does not even begin to describe how bad my head hurt. I threw up every time I lifted my head from being absolutely flat on the bed. I was pretty miserable for about two weeks. I am so grateful for wonderful neighbors and friends who helped us through those first few hard days. Words can't describe how blessed we were and grateful we felt to have a healthy, beautiful baby daughter join our family... Amber, Jennie and Leah were so thrilled to have
a new baby sister...Oh,did they ever love Amy...

February 6, 2010

Birthday Lunch, Basketball, Baptism...

Happy Birthday Jan!
Laughter, fun, good food, birthday cake, wonderful forever friends... it was the perfect Friday afternoon.

Rebels vs BYU is always a great basketball game. We were lucky enough to be given some tickets and had a blast going to the game. I haven't seen the Thomas and Mack rockin' like that in a lot of years. It was really like the good 'ole days. Rebels were on fire. Unbelievably on fiiiiirre!! I haven't seen them play like that since Tark was still chewing on his towel. (I hope the Cougars will play better next time they come to the T&M)... but this one, wow...congrats to the Rebels!

After the game we hurried and made it just in time for sweet Tia's baptism. How can she possibly be eight? I remember when she was blessed... She is such a sweetheart and we are all so thrilled that the Zebes moved back to LV. We have missed them like crazy and we are thrilled that our neighbors have come home!!
Congratulations on your baptism beautiful Tia...

February 1, 2010

Memory Monday

I have decided to start posting pictures from long ago every Monday and share a memory.
I was looking through boxes of old pictures and really had to smile when I saw this one of Ally. When she was little I was always sewing and she used to love to play with the fabric scraps. Amber was getting ready for prom one day and when her date arrived Ally came out with her very own "prom dress" on, complete with jewelry.
She was quite the designer at 5 yrs. old.