May 27, 2010


We experienced yesterday what many of our family and friends have talked about for years as they have sent their sons, daughters or even moms and dads on, it is not something that can be put into words very easily. A few that come to mind are... hard. good. bitter. sweet. happy. sad. joy. peace. exciting. brave. confident. ambassador. love. testimony. courage. faith. sweet. wonderful.
Oh how we love our missionary. What a blessing and example Sister Allyson K. Schlauder is to all of us already.

May 24, 2010

Sunday Farewell

Allyson gave a wonderful talk yesterday at church.
She is definitely mature, prepared, wise and very ready to go and serve.
She had us all laughing one minute and crying the next.
It was amazing to have all of our daughters there... that hasn't happened in a very long time.
Taylor sang a solo in front of the several hundred people that were there. It was so beautiful and tender and sweet. Right before she went up to sing I asked her if she was alright and she said, "NO, I think I'm going to turn around and go right out the door!" Taylor was so nervous, but she went up to the stand and stood there and sang like an angel. I really don't think there was a dry eye in the room. Allyn also spoke and Papa Jack sang in the choir... Allyn's words were inspired and so heartfelt and the choir sounded more beautiful than I have ever heard before...
I really think angels were singing with them too.
It was a day I will always cherish and never forget.


This cute picture was taken on Ally's 15th Birthday in our backyard. She has always surrounded herself with amazing, good, wonderful friends. As we looked at this picture we counted 12 missionaries who have gone already, or who are still serving, or who are about ready to go!
I love looking back and seeing these cute young kids who have now grown into beautiful young adults.

May 23, 2010

Texas Style BBQ

Last night we had a Texas style BBQ in honor of Ally and her mission to Houston, Texas. So many great friends and wonderful family were able to come and share in the excitement of Ally going on a mission.
I got pretty emotional today as I thought of sweet Keri coming over to help do dishes and anything we needed yesterday (after spending a gazillion hours and energy putting on a wonderful, amazing Stake Women's Conference), Brenda and Kathy baking and bringing 12 doz. delicious cookies, Allison bringing over a yummy huge salad, Mary making 20lbs. of delicious BBQ pulled pork, Anthony and Krista cutting up tons of fresh fruit and Anthony even washing our windows, Jennie making the cutest invitations and the best guacamole ever and doing anything and everything that I needed, Amy and Margo being the biggest helpers ever, Lisa flying in on Friday to help cook (a lot), & clean and set up...I would have been lost without her!, Brad driving in from Utah just in time to set up tables and chairs, Steven helping and even washing more windows, all of the sweet cards, gifts and well wishes, and... everyone who came to give their love and support to Allyson and our whole family. (How was that for a run on sentence?) I am so grateful, so, so grateful for our dear friends and family. It was a wonderful, joy filled night and Ally truly felt loved and supported. She is really ready to go and serve a mission. She has talked about going on a mission since she was just a little girl. Ally is going to truly be an amazing missionary and touch many lives with her sincere, genuine love of the Savior and His Gospel. Serving others and loving unconditionally is who Ally is, and we couldn't be any prouder of her. We are going to miss her... ok, now the tears are really flowing... 18 months is a long time to go without seeing or being with our beautiful Ally. But, my heart is filled with a peace and a joy that can't really be explained with words. I know that she will be watched over and protected and that she will have experiences that will bless her life forever. I know that there are many out there in Texas who will love her and be touched by her and I know with out a doubt that she will love them and serve them with all her heart.
We all love you Ally...

Kidshine Girls

Taylor and Kate both had their Kidshine Singing Group performances last week.
The girls were fabulous and we were all so proud!!! These girls can sure sing!!!

Beautiful Bristol...

Things have been so busy around here, that I am waaaay behind in blogging! I'll start first with a week ago Friday. It was a wonderful day as Brett, Azurdee, Janika and Bristol were in town and we got to babysit Bristol and play with him and give him lots of lovin' all day. It was so much fun to spend time with our beautiful youngest grandson. Everyone came over for a BBQ later...
and of course we took lots of pictures. All of us loved having them here so much.
Levi was not so sure about having another little person invade his territory... but soon Levi and Bristol were the best of buddies.