April 20, 2009

Sports, Snowcones, and Mr. Levi

I love watching sports...
Especially when my very awesome (I know I am extremely partial) grandkids are the ones playing!!
Last Saturday Kaden had a football game. He scored two touchdowns and threw a pass for another one.
He tackles like a crazy man and no one can catch him when he's running!
One dad asked me if I put steroids in his cereal! (I told him no, just in his milk at lunch...)

Tonight Kaden had a baseball game. He had two home runs and did great as pitcher and first baseman.
His dad was mighty proud!

Jackson, Kate and Ally came (It's so fun to have Ally home!!!)...according to Kate the game was OK but the snow cones were great!

Jackson loved hitting his coach with two line drives in his game last week. It was pretty cute watching him crack up all the way to first base!

We got to watch Levi for a few days while Jennie and Chad were out of town...he is sooooo flippin cute! He completely melts my heart... He is a crawlin maniac!

I am pretty certain that he said "Maaaaaama" which I am sure was "Graaaama" in Levi vocab...

Kaden just watched this video for the first time...he said, "Grama, you're a DORK!"
...and here I was trying to be so cool.

April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Kate!!!!

How can Kate possibly be four? Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Kate...We love you!!!
Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of Kate over the years...

Miss Kate loves Princesses...still!
loves her blankie.
loves her Mom and Dad.
loves her brothers and sister (almost always).
loves sharing a room with her big sister Taylor.
loves fruit, crepes, ice cream and M&M's.
loves cuddling on Grama's lap.
loves to help clean.
loves anything PINK.
and...WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Happy 4th Birthday Kate!!!!!!

April 13, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter....
It was absolutely perfect outside.
My Dad was able to come to church with us.
I loved teaching my Sunday School kids.
We visited Grami Colleen and brought her pretty roses.
All the kids came over for our Easter Feast. It was fun to see them hunting for eggs in the backyard.
I cuddled with the kiddos. (I secretly love it when they don't want to leave...)
My wonderful husband did all the dishes!
And the very best part of all was being filled with love and remembrance for our Savior...

The only bummer was that Ally was sick with strep throat and had to stay in bed all day...and Amy wasn't here. (She was in Hong Kong and Macau for Easter week end!)

Look how big Bristol is getting!!! He is already over 10lbs.! And isn't his big sister Janika beautiful!

April 8, 2009

Can you count to 2010?

Kate can...just watch! She is so cute!!!!!

April 5, 2009

Allyson is HOME!!!!

Our ALLYSON the Spainiard is HOME and we are so HAPPY! After about 25 hours either on a plane or in airports she is just a wee bit tired but doing great and making us all laugh and smile...Welcome Home Ally!!!

She was not too tired for a couple of handstands for a final celebration
of her wonderful trip to Spain...and to be back home! Yep, She's still crazy!