October 29, 2012

MM 134

Amy and Ally both rocked the pumpkin costume...
 Cute kids:)

This picture of Leah and Kaden makes me smile...

October 24, 2012

We. Voted.

 We voted today. And we voted for Mitt Romney!!!!! 
Here are some of the reasons why I voted for Mitt.
I believe...
Romney can lead our economy to a real recovery. 
Romney has the experience and knows what it will take. 
Romney will champion and support small business.
Romney will stop spending money that we do not have.
16 trillion. enough.said.
Romney will not apologize for America.
Romney believes we are all children of God and we are one nation under God.

I am grateful to live in a free country and for the privilege to vote. 
I am grateful to all who have fought to preserve those liberties. 

October 22, 2012

Memory Monday 133

Caleb and his beautiful mommy, Leah 

Caleb, Olivia and Brian are in Utah today... and they will be sitting at this same table at Aunt Lisa's house tonight.  Caleb is getting his new leg tomorrow. He is soooo excited! We are too. 
Caleb has taught us all so many lessons about life, love, and joy. We love you buddy!!
 It seems like it was just a year or so ago that we all went to Utah to watch Amy play volleyball at BYU.
Hard to believe that it was 6 years ago. So much has happened since that night at the Smith Field House.
I'm grateful for pictures and the wonderful memories looking at them brings.

I miss my LeeLee...I love you my sweet daughter. I wish you were here. I long for you...so much my heart hurts.
Today, I will hold on to these wonderful memories of a perfect fall night we all spent together 6 years ago.
Today, I will remember your laugh, your beautiful smile, and how much you love each one of us.
And I"ll smile through the tears, knowing that you are cheering for us from heaven...

October 17, 2012

Another random post...

 Last Saturday was Allyn's 40 year reunion from Clark High School. He had a great time...I did too, honest:) 
Remember Sam Smith from UNLV basketball? He could hit three's from all over the court!! Well yes, he is a class of '72 Clark High graduate too. It was fun seeing old friends and reminiscing.
Caleb and Levi are best buds...and they melt this grandma's heart for sure.
Caleb gets his prosthesis next week and he can hardly wait!
 Wonderful Wendy Barnum made Caleb this darling blanket. He loves it so much! Thank you Wendy...
Kaden didn't have a very good week last week. On Wednesday he got hit helmet to helmet at the football game. He scared me when he kept complaining about his back and that he was having a hard time breathing. After getting completely checked out, he was diagnosed with a sprained back. 
Then, on Friday he was feeling a lot better, and was in the shower dancing, juking, and pretending he was playing football again and he slipped, fell and cracked his two front teeth!!!! Oh. my. goodness.
Thankfully Dr. Lords fixed him up! Hopefully this boy will decide it's time for swimming, bowling, golf... anything that is less dangerous. I know, it's doubtful. And besides, if he can get hurt taking a shower...oh dear.
Jackson is such a stud. It was the bottom of the last inning and his baseball team was down by two runs. Jackson got up to bat with 2 outs and one runner on base. He had 2 strikes, 2 balls and then he slammed a home run!!!! 
The opposing coach said it was the best hit he has ever seen in that league:)
Way to go Jackson!!!
Olivia loves mermaids and she pretends she is one all of the time.
We found a sweet lady on Etsy who makes these adorable mermaid outfits.
Needless to say, Livie was a very happy girl:) She even does her homework mermaid style...haha!

October 8, 2012

Memory Monday 132

Ally and Papa Jack have been spending lots of time together lately. 
Grandpa is teaching Ally how to hand engrave. She's pretty excited about that.
Dad keeps saying, "My get up and go has gone up and went..."
And "Have I told you lately how much I love and appreciate you?"
Oh Dad, we love you!!!!! More than you'll ever know.

Bristol's getting so big...

 Bristol is such a cute, big boy! He loves to read the scriptures every morning:)
 And working out with his Dad...
I love the Jenson's new blog:) It a perfect way to keep up with them!!

October 3, 2012

Girls Trip:)

Last week I enjoyed a couple days of a much needed dose of friends, fun, laughter, and a fabulous girls trip. 
I really haven't laughed that hard in years. I love these special friends!!!
Kathy found the perfect quote...
"There's nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. 
Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons."
 OK, I kind of started the whole fall back in your chair craziness. Yep, I sat down in my chair right when we were setting up our beach camp for the day, and I fell backwards with my feet and sand flying everywhere:) It was classic. Kathie was the next one to accidentally flip backwards in her chair...and so then everyone decided it would make for a fun memory and a perfect photo opp:) 
Crazy ladies. My kids were a little worried! HaHa

Look at the tourists totally ignoring the psyco ladies flipped over in the chairs. 
They were determined  to get their picture. so. funny!
Thanks so much for the perfect girls get away...
We need to have more friends come next time...(we'll really give 'em something to worry about! lol)
...so start planning ladies:):)

October 1, 2012

Memory Monday 131

This is such a sweet picture of Jennie and Betty at one of Jen's first dance recitals. 
(I sure wish I was a better photographer and didn't cut off half of Betty's head...haha!)
Working for Allyn for many years, Betty is really much more like a sister than an employee.
And after retiring last month, Betty is missed like crazy at Source 4 Industries.
I'm sure glad that our friendship will never be retired...thanks for everything Betty, you really are the best.
P.S. I'm not sure I'm supposed to announce this yet, but the kids know, so I figure it is ok, and I'm just going to say it before I get in trouble, and I can't wait any longer, how's that for a run on sentence? haha
Jennie is having a baby!!!! Oh, yeah. We are thrilled!

A happy boy...

Caleb. is. doing. great.  He is back in school and just went back to the doctor last week to get his stitches out and find out the lab results. We were all pretty nervous... Well, the lab tests showed that the tumor was a fast growing, aggressive cancer. But the tests also showed that they got all of the cancer when they amputated. There is no sign of cancer anywhere:) Caleb has to be tested about every three months for the first year, and then regular check ups after that, but the prognosis is really good. Oh, yay...thank goodness...halleluja! Caleb also gets his prosthesis in a couple of weeks and he can hardly wait for that. Yesterday after dinner he said, "Grama, can I spend the night when I get my new leg? Can we go to the movies? Can we go get pizza? Can we run races?" Yes, yes, yes!!!
I told him we can do anything he wants.