April 29, 2010

Dress Ups

When Kate and Olivia were here last Saturday, they went upstairs and played for a long time.
Soon they came down the stairs wearing these...

It doesn't seem that long ago that Amy and Ally were in those dresses coming down the same stairs!

I love this picture of some of the neighborhood kids who had come over to see Amy all ready for Homecoming... Wow, have they ever grown up!!!

April 26, 2010


Leah, Jennie, Amber holding Calder, and Justin in 1984... We always loved it when the cousins came over!
Now Calder and his sweet wife Ivy are the proud parents of adorable Piper Elizabeth and Calder will be graduating from University of Minnesota Law School in May. Justin and his wonderful wife Jena,
who are both Hydrology Scientists... are expecting their first baby in the fall!!!
Where did all the years go?...Will somebody tell me please!?

Here's another great picture of some of the cousins taken in California in 2003...

April 25, 2010

Leah, Livie and Caleb

Leah, Olivia and Caleb came over and spent all day with us Saturday. It was so much fun to see them... it's been a while and we've really missed them. They went to Kaden's football game with us and Kate got to come over for a while too. Olivia and Kate are "bestest friends"... they have so much fun together. Caleb had a great time playing catch and soccer with his mom and having a picnic at the park.
We sure love them and it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them.

April 23, 2010

Take You Child to Work Day

Wednesday night...

Kaden: "Can I go to work with Grampa tomorrow?"

Me: "Oh honey, Grampa is so busy and he just got back from a trip and he's really tired, and I don't think you would like to go to work with Grampa all day, you'd probably be pretty bored...etc. etc. etc...."

Kaden: "Can I just ask him when he gets home?"

Me: "You can ask him, but you'd better just plan on going to school because I know Grampa will say no...he just has way too much to do."

Kaden: "Yea!, Grampa you're home! I'm so glad you're here, I missed you!!! Hug, hug... Hey Grampa, kids are supposed to get to go to work tomorrow and I really want to go to work with you...can I?

Allyn: "Sure Kaden, that sounds great, I'd love for you to come to work with me!"

Me: ...(thinking, I should have known Allyn would say yes...) "OK ... plan to get up early and spend the day with Grampa..."

Kaden: "It's going to be like Christmas!"

Well, those two had a blast yesterday at Source 4 Industries. Kaden could hardly believe that Grampa was really the "boss." They ran errands, bought a new phone, went to lunch, worked in the warehouse, helped customers, climbed a huge ladder, counted inventory, & even did a little homework. Kaden can't wait to be old enough to work for Grampa. He's already planning on taking over the business someday and becoming the "boss." I'm so glad that the answer was yes, and that those two got to spend the day together. I don't think Kaden will ever forget it.

April 20, 2010

Wow, What A Concert...

Yesterday afternoon Amy called and said that her friend, who works special events in Vegas, had some extra tickets to a Brooks and Dunn concert at the MGM and would we like to go... well, I love country music and so of course I said YES! I called Allyn and he thought it would be great to go... & I got a hold of our friends Brad and Kathy to see if they would like to come, and they were able to work everything out and meet us there too.
We had no idea until the concert started that it was a tribute to
Brooks and Dunn and it was being televised to air on CBS later in May.
I've never seen in person that many country stars in my life!
Here's the stars that I can remember who performed...I still can't believe it!
Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, George Strait, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebelem, Reba McEntire,
Kenny Chesney, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, , Kevin Aldean, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me?! Needless to say... WE HAD A BLAST!!
I'm so glad Brad and Kathy could come...wonderful friends, great music, & an amazing concert... love it!
My pictures aren't very good...but I was just happy to get some from the big screen that was just off to the side.

We were on the edge of our seats the whole night wondering who would come out next... one of the highlights was when Jennifer Hudson sang Brooks and Dunn's "Believe." It was amazing...
she got a standing ovation from everyone in the arena!
I loved Faith, Tim, Carrie, George, Lady Antebelem, Taylor, Sugarland, Kenny... I loved 'em all!!!
I'm so glad we got to go! Thanks for calling us Amy, and tell Naomi Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

April 19, 2010

MM 12

For as long as I could remember, my dad had a motorcycle... at least until the last 5 or 6 years when Mom finally talked him into putting his helmet away. I remember being taken to school on the motorcycle, long trips on the motorcycle, the awesome side car, and his dogs riding on the motorcycle. I grew up with him having a BMW... it wasn't until later that he got a Harley. One summer we went with some friends of ours to Lake Mead to meet Dad and get the keys to the boat so we could take it out for an evening ride. I was telling Steve and RaNae about my dad and that he always rode his motorcycle, and that most likely he would have his dog, Spirit, with him. They could hardly believe what I was telling them...a dog on a motorcycle with a black leather custom made helmet...yeah right!
We turned a corner and there was my dad, who had pulled over to the side. We got out of the car and my Dad enthusiastically said, "love me, ...love my dog!" It was a great memory that we have laughed about over the years. There are many, many reasons why my dad is amazing...this is just one of them. I. love. you. Dad!
You're the coolest biker ever!!!

When I was 13, my dad took me to the Indy 500 race in Indianapolis, Indiana on his motorcycle. We spent three weeks crossing the country... and I enjoyed every minute of it. (well, almost every minute...bugs in my helmet, not so much and trying to sleep with my arms around my dad's waist...yikes!) We stopped at the capitols of almost every state as Dad tried to squeeze in a little learning along the way since he had talked my counselor, Mr. Keller, at John C. Fremont to let me out of school two weeks early. My favorite stop, besides the race, was in Kentucky , at a blue grass farm, where we got to see a baby colt be born. I was not a fan of Lake Charles, Louisiana simply because of all the bugs that got through my helmet and into my hair. I remember getting to the Indy 500 racetrack and the line of cars was so long and had come to a dead stop trying to get in... we just went right past everyone and to the front of the line on our cool motorcycle. It was great to get to go with Fred Gillies (Dad's best friend) and his daughter Kim. I picked Mario Andretti to win the race (because I thought he was cute)... and he did win! It was awesome!! Over the years I have thought about this wonderful experience with my dad and have been filled with gratitude that I got to spend this one on one time with my dad on a very special"Daddy Daughter Date" across the country.
I'm grateful Mom let me go and I'm grateful for the wonderful memories that I will always cherish.
Dad took Lisa a couple of years later on a motorcycle trip to Canada, and he also took Steve to the Indy 500...
There were countless other times that we all shared in his love of motorcycles.

The grandkids always had a blast when Grandpa came over on his motorcycle and gave them a ride around the neighborhood... great memories.

April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Kate!

Kate has been talking about her birthday since last November! It's finally here and she is sooooo excited!!!
She is 5 years old today... We Love You Katie Bug!!! XOXO Happy Birthday!

10 Things About Kate

1. She loves to grope and cuddle with her long limbs.
2. She is determined to be a doctor. She wants a corner in her room for "surgeries"
3. She trips at least 3 times a day, sometimes ending in stitches.
4. She loves eggs and oatmeal.
5. She can dance around and imaginary play with her self for hours at a time.
6. Levi can beat her up and sometimes she is scared of him.
7. She can read really well for a 5 year old.
8. She says "like" a lot.
9. She loves to color, draw, and write in her journal.
10. She constantly reminds me that she will be starting Kindergarten soon.
10 1/2. She is stinkin' smart
10 3/4. She can run forever with amazing endurance.

April 13, 2010

Beautiful Blessing...

The very best part of the weekend was getting to go to Bristol's Blessing... He is such a special, beautiful, handsome boy. He has grown so much!! It was wonderful to be there with Brett and Azurdee and their wonderful families. We love them all. We felt like we were all just one big Bristol Family and we all showered him with lots & lots of love! We are so blessed. As I have said many times, adoption is a miracle and I am grateful for this miracle in our lives and the joy that this beautiful baby boy has brought to so many, especially to his wonderful mom and dad.
I'm grateful for Leah and for her courage, strength and selflessness to give this baby to his parents.
I am more certain now than I have ever been that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us each personally. He knows each of our heartaches and our joys. He will bless us and bring peace and comfort that we never thought was possible, if we will turn our lives over to Him and have faith and trust that He will lift and bless us as we face the many trials that we will have in this life.
I know that truly Families are Forever...

At church on Sunday, Bristol loved playing in the drinking fountain with Ally!
I love this video of them and his adorable laugh...he is so cute!!