January 30, 2014


I've known Kaye Ficklin Halliday my whole life. She is a big sister to me.
Kaye and her parents lived with my family when the Ficklins first came to Vegas. Shortly after that, I was born, and because our parents were best friends, we were best friends...always. I still remember the day they moved and how sad I was. But, every summer I always went to Aunt LaRae and Uncle Fred's to spend several weeks and be with Kaye. I went on family vacations with them, camping trips, celebrated 4th of July, and was always included as family. And I always, always looked up to Kaye. I admired her, and always wanted to be like her. We talked and dreamed about what our weddings would someday be like. We talked about wanting a white picket fence around our perfect little houses. We talked about how handsome our husbands would be and what our future kids would be like. We shared our hopes and dreams. She always built me up, encouraged me, and shared her testimony with me. When I had questions as a teenager, she is the one who helped me see how and who I really wanted to be. She is my hero. I was a bridesmaid for her and she was my matron of honor at our weddings. No matter the miles or distance between us, we always felt like we were immediately connected the minute spoke or were together again. Sisters forever. We celebrated all the joys of life together and hugged and cried at every sorrow. She is a woman of amazing faith, courage, testimony, charity, goodness, and so much love. I love her with all my heart. She is my example of what it means to be a loving daughter, fabulous sister, a faithful devoted wife, a righteous mother, a cherished aunt, an incredible grandma, and loyal friend.
Kaye went home to our Heavenly Father yesterday. And my heart is broken...again. 
Kaye struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for years, but you never heard her complain. She had been so sick lately, but we all thought she would bounce out of it. She fell 2 days ago, and broke 5 ribs and while at the hospital this time they discovered cancer had spread throughout her body. My heart aches for her mom, husband, kids, grandkids, brothers and sister, and all the people who dearly love her. I smile when I think of her in God's arms and then dancing in pink toe shoes, running to her brother Randy, her dad, reuniting with loved ones, and finding Amber, Leah, Caleb and Aunt Colleen and giving them huge hugs.
I would be lost right now if I didn't know that The Plan of Salvation is true. Families are forever...I know it.
This picture was taken in September at Amber's graveside.
 And this picture was taken at Leah's funeral luncheon.

Kaye, Mike & their children and grandkids...

I just found this old picture from long ago.  Kaye wrote this...
"When I was about 3 years old we moved to Las Vegas and became very good friends with the Huntington's. This is Scott and Steve and I as we were dressed up for a summer parade. Soon the Huntington's had a baby girl named Linda who became my best friend. They have always been like family to us."
Our Ally Kay is named after Kaye...what an honor to be named after such a wonderful woman. 
I will miss her everyday until we're together again.
The words from a Wicked song keep playing in my head... 
"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good." I love you Kaye.

January 12, 2014

Olivia is 9!!!

9 years old??? What?!!! Olivia is so adorable! Happy Birthday sweet girl...We love you!!