December 31, 2010

Party Time

Aunt Mary and Uncle Ric's Christmas party was it always is. We all had a fabulous time.

Levi loved the party, but he was not a big fan of Santa.
The only way he even got close to him was with his dad sitting on Santa's lap!

Trey Daniel, Mayce and Ethan's beautiful new baby boy, liked Santa just fine.

It was the first time Aunt Ivy, my mom's sister, was able to come to the party. It was great having her there.

Happy New Year everyone!!
May 2011 be a fabulous year filled with love, hope and some laughter too,
and may all your dreams come true...

Christmas Eve Tradition

I love our neighborhood Christmas Eve tradition of making sack lunches (over 500) and scarves and going to downtown Las Vegas and handing them out to the homeless. I think this is our 7th year.
It has truly become the highlight of the Christmas season for all of us.

Some of the dads trying to map out where we would go...

Kate and Lauren are getting so big! And sweet angel Keri, who started this tradition 7 years ago.

One of the sweetest experiences of this special tradition was when we met Enrique, an adorable little boy whose biggest wish for Christmas was to get a little toy car. He and his mother were living in a shelter nearby. Jennie asked her kids to each pick out some toys from home that they would be willing to share, just in case we saw some kids. When we saw Enrique, the kids were so excited... Jennie knelt down beside him and spoke to him in Spanish and they handed him some toys. He was so excited, and when she pulled out a little toy car, the joy on his face was so genuine and filled with such happiness, it brought us all to tears. Taylor and Kate also found 4 little girls that they were able to give warm coats and some dolls to.
I really don't think any of us will ever forget the feelings we felt or the memories made
as we shared some of the real meaning of Christmas on this special Christmas Eve.
Keri gave us all a quote several years ago when this tradition began...
"We do not remember days...we remember moments."
Cesare Pavese

December 27, 2010


Amber and Aunt Lisa...

It was Amber's birthday on Christmas Eve. We sure miss her. This was the first time that we haven't been with her on her birthday and Christmas... ever, and there is a piece of my heart that is breaking just talking about it. We are looking forward to the day when she comes home again, and we are always hopeful and filled with gratitude for her life and for all that she has taught us. Amber is funny, she could always make us laugh. She is kind and giving. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it. I have never known anyone who loves to give gifts more than Amber. She loves her family.
It has been said that we learn the very most from the trials and the hard things that we go through...darn it. It really is true though. From Amber I have learned about unconditional love, to never give up, and what it really means to have hope. I have learned about forgiveness, and what the Atonement really means. I love you Amber. I miss you.


We got to see Bristol for a little bit as they were traveling through on their way to visit family for Christmas.
He is so cute! He gives the best hugs and kisses!

Grandkids Sleepover

Our 6th annual Grandkids Sleepover was so much fun. We ate, played, went to the Barnes Train Open House, enjoyed fun games, read stories, sipped hot chocolate, gobbled goodies, made gingerbread houses, and took all the kids to see "Tangled" the movie. Thank goodness Aunt Amy was home! I can hardly believe we have been doing this for 6 year Levi gets to spend the night too...oh,dear.