January 30, 2010

friends...wonderful friends

Last night was our annual friends get together. Anita treated us to a fabulous dinner at her beautiful home. It was so good! But the very best part, was visiting for five hours (yep, five hours!) with these dear friends. Since we have been friends for about 30 years we can always find plenty to talk about! Valerie, Anita, Devra, Candy and Laurie, you guys are the best. (we sure missed those of you that couldn't come...next year, ok?)
As we sat, visited, and reminisced we talked about how we were when we were these young moms raising beautiful kids... not having any idea what we would face in the next thirty years. not.any.idea. And if we did have any idea what we would have to face, we never would have thought that we could do it. But, life has a way of going on... and we did do things and experience things that were hard, heartbreaking, and almost more than we could handle at times. Each one of us has had our own trials and burdens to carry. I'm certain that trials will come to everyone at some time in our lives... it's in the getting through them and the growing that we really learn who we are. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and continue to learn everyday. I am grateful for so many good things.
I am so blessed. I am grateful for what I believe and know to be true.
I am grateful for angel friends who bless my life and remind me that I am not alone.

January 28, 2010

Sick Slick Stripe and the Pine Wood Derby

For about the last week, Kaden and Grampa Al have been busy working on Kaden's Pine Wood Derby car. Kaden used an electric saw, polisher, sandpaper, a drill, paint and had a blast working hard on his super cool car. He was so proud of it. Last night was the Pine Wood Derby for his Scout Troop... his car was named the Sick Slick Stripe... It was a very exciting night for these 8 to 11 year old boys!

Check out the Sick Slick Stripe!!

Kaden took home a 3rd place (out of 25) trophy and he was definitely a happy boy...
Way to go Kadaman!

Jackson got to come and he is very excited for his birthday in May... then he gets to be a Scout too. He is already planning his derby car! We stopped for some frozen yogurt on the way home to celebrate. The boys said it best,
"today was aaawwesomme!"

January 20, 2010

Hotel Amy

I spent last week end with Amy and Ally at "Hotel Amy"...we had a lot of fun sewing curtains, pillows, duvet covers etc... The condo is looking great!! I loved getting to spend some time with them.
Jennie and Chad and the kids stopped by on their way to Park City and spent the night at Amy's condo too. Levi was a very naughty little boy (even though he is the cutest almost 18 month old on the planet!)
I laughed so hard when I read the note Jennie left...

The S.S. Daily Herald
"Weather Report: Hurricane Slade hit Hotel Amy with extreme force Friday morning at 4am. The shock waves were felt through nearby hotels and villages. The eye of the storm, which we have named "Levi the Terror" created one of the worst disasters Hotel Amy has ever experienced. Guests at Hotel Amy said that even though the storm was so severe, the service and accommodations were impeccable. "Suite Allyson was magnificent," said one of the guests, then came "Levi the Terror" who interrupted our stay. Even with the catastrophe, guests hope to be welcomed back after the owners of Hotel Amy recuperate and renovate."

"Levi the Terror"

January 14, 2010

Party Time

We celebrated Olivia's birthday tonight and she was definitely one happy little girl. She loves the Princess and the Frog movie so I decided to make her a fun Princess Tiana dress up dress to go along her Princess Tiana doll.
It turned out adorable and Olivia was so thrilled.
(at first I bought one and then got home with it and decided I could make one a lot cuter...last night!)
Olivia said it was the best day ever.

January 12, 2010

Olivia is 5 today!

Happy Birthday Olivia Lynn...We love you!


I was finally able to get some pictures from Amy of her trip to Greece. She had a wonderful time and loved every minute being there. She must have taken at least a thousand pictures! Amy certainly loves to travel and see the world, so what better way to spend her 2 weeks off from teaching teenagers than across the world on a tiny island, and in Athens seeing first hand history that most of us have only seen in books.
I'm glad she loved it, had such a great time, and was treated like a princess...
(Even though I wish she missed us even just a little.) Yes, I confess I tried to guilt her into staying home and not missing Christmas with the family...it did not work. I guess this is part of the kids grow up and leave home thing. I'm not liking that part very much.

Ivan was a great tour guide and host. I think he has probably traveled more places than Amy...well, maybe not.
I'm glad that you are home safe and sound world traveling daughter... at least until your next adventure.
I wonder where that will be.

January 9, 2010

Eagle Court of Honor

Lisa and James' son Ben received his Eagle Scout Rank tonight at an awesome Court of Honor. We are so proud of him. Tyler, Brad and now Ben have all received their Eagles. Noah is coming up fast and Ethan loves Cub Scouts. They will have five sons and five Eagle Scouts...now that is cool. My Dad wanted to be there so badly, so we put him on a plane to Utah yesterday so he could see his grandson become an Eagle Scout. He was so happy and proud.
Congratulations Ben! We love you...

Amy and Ally got to be there to shower Ben with some lovin' too! They were mighty proud cousins.
I seemed to have blinked and Ben grew up! I love this old picture of Ben and Amber...
Once again, where did all of the years go?

Wonderful Keri stopped by a couple of days ago and walked with me to pick up Kaden from school. I was telling her how I wished I could go to the temple but ours is closed for a couple of weeks... so she said "Let's go to St. George then.... I'm picking you up Saturday morning!" She just seems to always know when any of her friends need something and she is always there. She is just amazing. We met Abby after for lunch ...at a great little restaurant called 25th and Main...and then after our three hour visit, we drove home.
It was perfect.

January 7, 2010

Grandkids Style Memory Game

Ally is the most creative gift giver ever! For Christmas she gave all the kiddos The Memory Game with her own special twist...she copied double pictures of all the grandkids and cut them out to fit over the superheros cards of the game and then glued them all into place. All of the kids and even us old folks have enjoyed playing this game. Last year she gave the kids Guess Who Family Style...There are some pretty funny pictures of all of us on that one.
I wonder what Aunt Ally will come up with next year?

January 1, 2010

Piper Elizabeth

Happy, Happy New Year!!! Our family started off the New Year fabulously as we welcome my nephew Calder and his darling wife Ivy's new baby girl, Piper Elizabeth. She weighed 8lbs.1oz. and is beautiful & perfect in every way! Look at those cheeks!!!! And all that hair!
Welcome baby Piper...I am so glad they will be moving to Vegas this summer...Yeahooo