April 28, 2008

The Graduate!

It has been an amazingly crazy few days... Last Thursday we went to Provo and arrived just in time to get to Amy's BYU graduation at the Marriott Center. It was sooo great! Elder David A. Bednar was the speaker and he was amazing. He is so filled with the spirit that you can feel it radiate from him, even in a place as big as the Marriott Center. We all went to dinner after to celebrate. (Ally even brought the other three members of her double date to dinner so she could be with the family... they were all good sports to come.) Then, Friday morning was Amy's McKay School of Education Convocation at 8am . It was held in the Smith Field House which made it extra special for Amy. As we were sitting there, I was thinking how quickly the time has gone by... It seemed like just a couple of years ago that she was 7 years old attending her first volleyball camp in the Fieldhouse... and now here she is a BYU Graduate!! Elder L.Tom Perry was on the stand and shook each graduates hand. It was the first time Amy has shaken the hand of an apostle. It was a great day, and a wonderful sweet memory.

We are so proud of you Amy... Congratulations Graduate!!

The BYU men's volleyball team played in Long Beach Thursday night, and Friday morning at 6am Ivan Perez flew to SLC so he could be at his Electrical Engineering Convocation which was also held at the Fieldhouse. He then flew back to Long Beach Friday night at 8pm so he could be there for the Saturday night match. Amy, Allyn, Ally, Kaden and I and Ivan's family, who had come for graduation from Puerto Rico, all drove to Vegas right after pictures and lunch. Ally and I got home an hour before everyone else and so we had a huge meal all ready for them when they arrived. Then, Saturday morning Amy and Ivan's family drove to Long Beach for the volleyball match. It was so sad that BYU lost to Pepperdine in 5 after winning the first two games!! Ivan truly had a (3 time All American) great volleyball career at BYU. He is now going to be amazing on the P.R .National Team as they try to earn a bid to the Olympics, and then he is going to play professionally in Europe. Go Ivan!
Amy's plans right now (they change frequently) are to go to Austin, Texas and teach high school and work on her master's degree at the University of Texas.

Sunday morning they all drove back from Long Beach and then on to Provo. We had a BIG Sunday dinner all ready for them when they got here. I am now on strike from all cooking!! The kids all just laugh when I say that... but I really mean it( at least for a couple of days!) It's now Monday and Amy and Ally just left to go back to school... I am always so sad when they leave. Amy has a few classes she needs to finish up for spring term and Ally is doing spring classes too before she comes home for summer. Now it's too quiet around here and I am missing them all ready.
I am grateful for my family and I love each of them more than words could ever express...I am so blessed.

April 22, 2008

Yea! Ally Kay

We are so proud of Allyson... She got 4 A's and a B+ for her grades this semester at college!!! She really rocked in English! She got a 97 on her huge research paper and portfolio of all of her writing assignments since January. We keep telling her she should be an English major or do something with creative writing because she is so good at it. We just want you to know, Ally Kay, how much we love you and how awesome you are... you are amazing!

Ally, Courtney, Chelsea and Ciji just hanging out in their apartment in Provo.

April 18, 2008

Aunt Amy is Home!

Amy and one of her best friends, Rachel had a few days before graduation and so they came home. Needless to say all the kiddos were very happy to see their Aunt Amy! Kaden whispered to Amy when they first came, "Is that #44 Rachel?" Amy said yes... Kaden said, " She's my favorite player... she's got skilz!!"
The kids have kept them very busy playing baseball, kick ball, and of course volleyball. The girls got to spend one day swimming and relaxing at the JW Mariott Spa, and now they are out getting pedicures! What a life...

April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Kate!

Princesses...Princesses...Princesses!!! Kate turned three today and she had a wonderful Princess Birthday Party. The birthday girl was the prettiest princess of them all. Kaden and Jackson and their friends Luke and Taylor were princes and welcomed all the little princesses to the party. A very special surprise guest came...Cinderella! She read them a fairytale (Cinderella of course) and they put on sparkly make up, made crowns and learned a dance with beautiful wands that Jennie made for each princess. It was as Kate said "The best day ever!"

April 12, 2008

So You Think YOU Can Dance...

Taylor sure can!! She is the cutest seven year old dancer on the planet! Today was another dance competition and Taylor's team took home two first place trophies. Yea TayTay!

Jennie, Chad, Taylor and Kate... I am lucky I got this picture since Jennie hates having her picture taken when she is pregnant! We are all excited for this little boy to get here the end of June... Jackson was at his baseball game, even though I know he would have much rather been watching his sister dance...OK maybe not.

April 10, 2008

BYU Team of the year!

The BYU Women's Volleyball Team was awarded the Woman's Team of the Year at the Y Awards Tuesday night. They had an awesome year, going all the way to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament and finishing the year ranked 12th in the nation. Here are some great pictures from the awards night...
Congratulation girls!
Most of the team was there to accept the award... they missed Erica who is in Puerto Rico playing professional volleyball, Catherine who is in Jerusalem and Annie is in Iowa with her husband Caleb, who is in med school.

Amy and Rachel

Rachel, Amy and Stephanie

Amy and Ivan... They are so tall!

Amy has built great relationships with a lot of wonderful BYU volunteers. She has had a great experience at BYU and will enjoy many life long friendships. I just can hardly believe that she graduates in two weeks!

April 7, 2008


Olivia and Caleb love to help me make chocolate chip cookies...
We like the dough the best!
Here is one of our favorite recipes...

Grama Linda's Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 Cup Butter
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup White Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Baking Powder
2 Cups Flour
2 1/2 Cups Blended Oatmeal 
          (measure into a blender and blend to a fine powder)
12 oz. of grated Chocolate Hershey Bar
1 Cup Chocolate Chips (can use M&M's and can add nuts if desired)
Cream butter and sugars. Add eggs and vanilla. Mix in dry ingredients... add chocolate chips and grated Hershey Bar. 
375* for 8-10 min.

April 5, 2008


Little League Baseball is so awesome! Having all daughters, this is my first experience cheering on my boys in baseball... and I am having a blast! Kaden and Jackson both got their very first hits today. Way to go boys!!!

Kaden and his dad, Jamie

Jackson, the stud...

April 3, 2008

R.S. Birthday

Yesterday our ward had a delicious dinner and birthday celebration for the Relief Society. It was fun to be able to visit with friends that I sometimes only see for a few minutes on Sundays.
I was asked to participate in a program about the "Ten Virgins". As I worked on my part over the last few weeks, I found myself wishing that I was really like the wise virgin whose part I had, instead of a little too much like the foolish virgins in the parable. I've made a new promise to myself to try harder, work better, choose wiser, serve more and be more loving and kind...
I am grateful for programs in the church like the Relief Society, where we can come together and support, lift and love each other, knowing that none of us are perfect and that we all need help and friendship as we face each day in this crazy world of ours so that we can all be "prepared" when He comes again.