August 29, 2011

MM 81... Happy 85th Birthday Papa Jack!

Happy Birthday Dad! 85
We all love you so much, and look to you as our example of everything good and right, our mentor, our spiritual leader, our poet, our hand engraver, and our example of what it really means to live a life worthy of emulation. Words just aren't adequate to even begin tell you how loved you are. You are amazing!
We had a big family party for him last Friday. More on that later.
But first, a walk down memory lane...

Aunt Berniece, Grandma June, Aunt Barabara, Dad, and Grandpa Cliff... Dad played the trumpet in H.S.

Dad loves to tell us that he was the first Eagle Scout in Lincoln County...

Happy Birthday Papa Jack

I want to tell you of a sweet and humble man.

He is a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and when he writes, he has a shaky hand.

His life has been filled with service, a work ethic like no other.

He built a greenhouse out of a pool, owned a business, and he raised my mother.

He fought for his one true love, and he won her heart.

They were married in God’s temple, sealed forever-what a start!

They went on to have six kids, and a few dogs.

He was a great provider. He took them all on trips…Including the dogs!

He is a motorcycle rider. He is known by many names.

To some he is Dad, to some he is Bishop, and to others he is a jeweler.

Anyone who knows him, knows there is no one that is cooler.

He loves the arts and has a gift for reciting poems.

He is just so awesome. I wish everyone could know him.

His gifts and talents are from heaven above.

And he shares his God-given abilities with so much love.

He hand engraves on bookmarks made of bronze.

He sometimes is at his workbench from dusk until dawn.

He has touched the lives of many, and has perfected the attribute of charity.

He is a diamond in the rough… a real gem, a rarity.

He loves the temple and goes as often as he can.

His marriage will be forever, and will be as great as it began.

Today he turns 85, goin’ forward, not looking back.

He is my Grandpa. I love you Papa Jack!

Have a wonderful birthday!

Love your “darlin’ ” granddaughter, Ally

August 26, 2011

Kaden...Happy Birthday!

How can Kaden possibly be 11 years old today!
It seems like we should still be calling him "Kadaman" and he should still be a little pirate or in his Spiderman costume running around. He is great, amazing, wonderful, talented, kind and brings so much joy to each one of us.
We love you Kaden... Happy Birthday!!

August 24, 2011

Off to the Races...

While we were at the beach, we decided to take the gang and go to the Del Mar Race Track. It was a blast!!
We watched five races and could have stayed longer... A new tradition for sure.