November 29, 2009


My heart is filled with gratitude and love. I am thankful for these things and so much more...

Lisa, James, Brad, Ben, Noah and Ethan were here for 4 days...It was WONDERFUL having them here, but I didn't get a single picture of them all together (shame on me). So, here is an old one... Ben got to get his patriarchal blessing from his Grandpa Dixon on Wednesday which was way cool. They spent Thanksgiving dinner with the Dixon clan but came back here for dessert. We had fun going shopping with Aunt Lisa and the girls on "black Friday"... going to pong more pie and homemade ice playing...and enjoyed every minute they were here. We love you guys and miss you already!

It was a wonderful few days with loved ones
& we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones too...

November 16, 2009


Friday night Caleb, Olivia and Kate got to have their very own sleepover. They were so excited and cute.
We loved having them!...
(even though their 6am giggling and running through the house wake up call was a bit early Saturday morning!)

Caleb and Livie got to go with us to Kaden's game. They were his biggest fans and loved cheering for him.

Kaden was very happy to play without a cast for the first time this season. He scored two touchdowns and a two point conversion. The best play of the game though was when Kaden handed it off to Malakai, the littlest kid on the team, and then protected him and blocked for him as Malakai ran down the field and scored his first touchdown. Kaden threw his arms up in the air and cheered for him like they had just won the championship!
It was awesome!!!

Thanks for the fun sleepover... We love you! XOXOXO

November 9, 2009

The cast is off!!!

Today was a very happy day for Kaden...his cast finally came off! Oh man, after six weeks, did that arm ever STINK!! I asked him how it felt and he said, "kind of floppy". He didn't like how weak it felt but I reassured him that it would feel strong again very soon. The doctor told him no wrestling, no football, no rough housing for a while...oops. That's not going to work too well.

Kaden couldn't wait to get back to school to show his teacher his football skills at recess.

November 8, 2009

Stephen's Homecoming

Ally and Stephen are not just cousins...they have always been best friends. They were born just 6 weeks apart and have been pretty much inseparable from the start! When they were little everyone thought that they were twins. They once had a record sleepover at one or the others house for seven nights in a row. Two years ago Stephen left for his mission to Paris, was his homecoming at church. His talk was wonderful and as he shared some of his incredible experiences and his amazing testimony I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. We are so proud of him and grateful for his sacrifice and the way he makes us all want to be better.
We love you Stephen...welcome home!

I am so glad that Ally was able to come home to see Stephen and an added bonus was she got to see some of the kiddos too! They sure love it when their Aunt Ally comes home. Only a couple of more weeks and both Amy and Ally will be home...YEA!

November 2, 2009

Halloween Leftovers

I feel like I have been posting about Halloween for a really long time...
but these pictures are too cute not to add to the Halloween collection.

Jennie and Chad...Circus Freaks -------------- Amy...Brain Donor with identity crisis

Amy...Peacock ------------- Ally...Deal or No Deal Case Opener

Brett, Janika (ladybug), Azurdee and Bristol (turtle)
I am so glad that they sent us this cute picture of their adorable family. Bristol is getting so big and doing fabulous... We love you guys!!