January 29, 2013

Random Pics...

 Everyone wants to be near Caleb... he is such an angel boy:)

 Taylor and I were unplanned twinners one day when we all met at the movies...
Olivia is eight!!! Happy Birthday Livi girl... We love you!!
Disney On Ice with these cuties...

 Last week, Dad and I went out to the cemetery to make sure pretty new flowers were placed.
He just stood there and cried and cried.
So sweet. True love.
 This was taken the day Caleb got back from the hospital... he was very sore, tired and could hardly talk, but he was still smiling and whispered, "Grama, I love you more than anything."
He's a heart melter for sure.
 The three cousins back together again! When we were young moms raising our kids, Michelle, MaryKay and I were inseparable. We'd spend the mornings at the gym while the kids played together in the childcare...they loved it & so did we! Then we'd do the park, swim lessons at Garside or dance lessons, etc. etc.....great memories.
I miss those days. I love my cousins.
President Worthen, President Schlauder and President Hyer
Pretty much the coolest Stake Presidency ever...just sayin'
Allyn and I spent a wonderful few days in Utah right after Christmas. 
It was our first time to see Ben after his mission and the first time Lisa's whole family had been together in 2 years! 
Love them!!
 We went to Temple Square one night to see the beautiful lights. It was so cold, but so worth it!

The Gentrys

I just found this fabulous picture of my mother, her siblings and parents.
It was taken in Panaca, Nevada...their home.
The Gentrys had another baby girl, Rose, but when she was just five she died from illness.
From the left... Ivy, Colleen (our beautiful mama), Gloria May, Lisle (we always called her Grandma Lisle), Grandma Jennie (that's where our Jennie got her name), Grandpa Ernest, Bud, Burt, Gerald, and Clint (we always called him Uncle Bob).
The Gentrys: a good, loving family who worked hard, loved each other, loved the gospel and served.
I always felt so loved by each one of them. My heart is filled with gratitude for forever families.

January 22, 2013


Our beautiful, sweet, wonderful Caleb has been diagnosed with cancer...again.  The cancer that was in his leg that was amputated has metastasized and is in his blood stream and in his lungs. It is a very aggressive form of cancer. 
Our hearts are broken, and there have been lots of tears, worry and heartache for all of us who love this sweet boy. Please pray for our Caleb. We could use all of the faith, prayers and hope there is to give. This wonderful angel has taught us so much about love, life and finding joy in everything. He is so brave...he melts my heart. 
Oh, how we all love him. I believe in miracles...we could really use one right about now. 
I know God knows us, loves us, and is aware of all our family is going through.
I know that He loves and knows Caleb, and will send special comfort and blessings for him and for all of us. 
He already has.
I am so grateful for my Savior.  
I will seek to have more faith, hope and love in the days, weeks, months and the forever that is ahead.

January 16, 2013

Cutest Cheerleader and Coolest Basketball Player

Last month Jennie and I went to the Sig Rogich Middle School assembly. The cheerleaders were performing and they were introducing the newly selected basketball teams. It was so cool because Taylor is a cheerleader and Kaden made the basketball team...pretty convenient for Grama Linda HaHa! Coach D has the basketball players dress in shirts and ties on game days...I love it! The cheerleaders lined up as the coach introduced all of the players. Kaden stood at the beginning of the tunnel, and as the coach introduced him, he. did. a. dance. We were laughing so hard and could hardly believe what we were seeing!! ...And I thought he was shy! Taylor's friends said, "Who is that kid?" And Taylor said, "Oh, that's my cousin:-)"  A little 6th grader showing off his coolness in front of the whole student body...oh dear.