June 28, 2010


What a gorgeous couple! My mom and dad were about 18 when this picture was taken in 1944 at the El Rancho Hotel. Dad had just returned from the Navy when my Grandpa Huntington asked him, "Are you sure you want to let that little Gentry girl go?" (They had gone steady in high school, but broke it off when Dad went into the Navy.)
Jack, "But Dad, she's engaged!" Grandpa, "Well son, you can take care of that." And it didn't take very long for Dad to sweep Mom off her feet(again!) and then take her to give the ring back to Burns Roper's mother...since Burns was still serving in the war and they couldn't give it to him in person. (...quite the sneaky one Dad! Mom always said that she just couldn't resist him in his handsome Navy uniform and all, but she really did feel bad for poor Burns.)

Mom and Dad were married September 7, 1945. Dad still talks about her every day. Now that's a love story.

June 26, 2010


While Allyn was away at Scout Camp, Amy and I decided to go and see The Beatles "Love" at the Mirage. It was fabulous!!! We had a great time, and decided that it was probably our favorite show on the strip.

June 24, 2010

Howdy 2

Update on Sister Schlauder...
1. Ally is doing great. Her time at the MTC is over and she is now in Texas!
2. She loves Houston and all of the rain.
3. She has named her bike "The Heathen" and does NOT love IT...although it is cause for some great memories, along with a sore behind. "Biking is good for me I keep telling myself, but I almost died...really"
4. Her companion is Sister Davis. She is from Eagle, Idaho and "she is fabulous!"
5. "The people in Houston are so nice"

If you know Ally, you know she loves the rain.
Her MTC companion, Sister Cramer was not as thrilled about the rain as Ally was...
If anyone could bring out some joy and happiness on a rainy day, or any day, it is Sister Allyson Schlauder!!!
I love these pictures...

June 21, 2010


Teresa and I were about 15 when we played a piano duet together in church.
How do you like the matching dresses our mom's made us? We certainly had no idea then that we would eventually have kids (Jennie and Chad) that would grow up and marry each other!
It is so wonderful to be grandmas together and share four beautiful grandkids. I laughed yesterday as the kids ran from house to house visiting both of their grandpa's for Father's Day...we only live three doors apart. What fun that is and what a blessing to have known Stacy and Teresa for as long as I can remember.
And now we get to enjoy being grandparents together, it's the best!

Last week Taylor had a piano recital and she did fabulous!
After the recital we had to get this picture together with our adorable granddaughter...

June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Dad's out there.
I have been blessed to have the greatest dad in the world! I know I am a bit partial, but I believe it with all my heart. When I was growing up I called my dad my Dearest Darling Daddy, and the name will always fit.
I love you with all my heart Dad...you are the greatest. You have taught all of us how to work, love, serve, give, have faith and be loyal and true. You are our example of how we all want to be. XO
Have I told you lately how much I love you? Dad says that to me almost every day...
I could never tell you enough...I. love. you. Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Talk about being blessed. This handsome guy is the father to our kids and Grampa Al to our grandkids. He is the greatest, now I know I've said that before. I love you Allyn David. Forever. I'm the luckiest.

Caleb and Olivia got to spend the last 5 days with us! We had so much fun with these two.

I love this picture of Ally with both of the Father's in our family.

And here is the famous Slade family rap for Grampa Al...

June 18, 2010

Rosie & Levi...

Jennie brought the kids over to swim last week and she also brought adorable Rosie.
She was babysitting Rosie for her friend who was recovering from surgery.
Rosie is so cute, and rather patient with Mr. Levi.

Levi... "Rosie, you can't sit in MY chair at MY Grama Linda's!"

"OK Rosie, I will let you play with MY toys."

"But, wait! That's MY gun!"

"It's MY favorite gun!"

"I know I'm supposed to share, but cu'mon it's MY gun! Where's a doll or something?"

"Just look..., see how cute I am! How can you get mad at me?"

The boys...

Last week Lisa, Noah and Ethan came for a visit. I love it when my sister is here.
We didn't do much except eat, swim and read. It was perfect!

E.J., Liam and Kaden and Noah

The boys are hooked on some show about a Pawn Shop in Vegas that they just had to go and see. Those crazy boys...

June 15, 2010


Our missionary, Sister Allyson K. Schlauder is doing great! Her emails are amazing and she has truly loved the MTC. It has not been easy, in fact it has been really hard, but also exhilarating, spiritual, and wonderful. Tomorrow she is off to Houston, Texas... she is ready and very excited for this new adventure. She gets to call us from the airport and we can't wait to hear her voice. The next time we will get to talk to her is Christmas. Until then it's just letters and an email once a week.
We love you Ally. We are so proud of you.
Here is a little part of her email today...
"We watched a talk by Elder Holland the other day. He said something that really impacted me. "It's (missionary work) not something you do because it's convenient or comfortable." I have realized that this isn't about being comfortable. I am actually becoming quite familiar with not being comfortable. It's not why I came out here. I came out here because I love the Lord and I had goodly parents who taught me to trust the Lord. I am enjoying the journey and am so excited to go to the temple tonight and leave for Houston tomorrow.
I love you all..."

"When I spoke in church the other week, I gave this analogy about the worth of souls... When you are walking down the street and you see a penny, the likely-hood is that you won't pick it up. (Unless you are Papa Jack because he said, "a penny found is a penny earned" when we were at the nail salon before I left. He even picked it up out of the gutter!) But if you see a quarter, you will definitely pick it up and feel like it was a treasure found. I feel like we are all quarters. We are all of great worth... and God will always pick us up. We just have to do our part and pray and ask for help, and I know He will guide us and be with us and pick us up because we are His children and we are worth it!" Sister Schlauder (from last weeks email)

"I love it here. I really do. I am a missionary for Jesus Christ's church! Can you believe it? I just rub my name tag sometimes. I slept with it on the first night because I was so thrilled to have it on. I have since retired it to the desk for the 8 hours of sleep, but quickly put it on right when I wake up. I love being called sister everyday by everyone, and I genuinely feel that I we are children of God every day." Sister Schlauder (from Ally's 1st email home)

June 14, 2010


Allyn and I were on our Honeymoon in Hawaii when this picture was taken in front of the Hawaii Temple. We look like kids! It's hard to believe that it was more than 34 years ago. I am sure lucky I found this guy dragging Fremont Street when I was seventeen. Macayo's parking lot was where we were first introduced, and even still whenever I drive by it, I remember that night and how smitten I was by this tall, long haired, handsome "fox"...yes, it was the 70's... cut his hair and he looks just the same! Now that's crazy.

June 8, 2010

Pink Day...

Last Saturday, June 5th would have been my mom's 84th birthday. We have forever more declared June 5th "Pink Day" in honor of Mom. My sweet dad has started a tradition of taking us to Lawry's for dinner, since it was Mom's favorite place for dinner. It was wonderful to have almost all of us brothers and sisters there with Dad...
and it was great to have Jaclyn and Tara there too.
We missed Steve and Rena as they were in the middle of moving. Next year they will be there for sure.
Dad was very emotional as we sang Happy Birthday to Mom and he blew out her candle...

Here is Mom blowing out the candle on her cake at Lawry's just two years ago...

June 7, 2010

Another cast is off!

Thank goodness Kaden's ankle cast came off last week! He could hardly take not swimming another minute...
and it is off just in time for our 108 degree weather.
And yes, he is at football practice tonight with his dad.

Kaden was awarded MVP for the spring football season. He had a blast with his Wolverine football team...
even with a broken ankle.


Was this a premonition of things to come? Ally sure looks cute in her Texas style hat!