September 30, 2011

Aunt Amy

All the kiddos are wondering when Aunt Amy will take off to some foreign country, or leave to go to a beautiful exotic island...but for now, we are all loving the fact that Amy is here! 
And here to least for a while...YEAHOO!!

September 28, 2011

Olivia and Kate

These two cousins love each other so much. They play, laugh, giggle, dance, sing, and have the best time together. They love our family Sunday dinners each week when they get to be together. Last Sunday Livie was at Laguna Beach visiting her other grandma, and Kate just didn't know what to do without her. It was like she was missing her other half. I hope they stay BFF's always.

September 26, 2011


Jennie holding Amy, & Amber and Leah
There are some days that I wish I could go back in time. Looking at this picture makes me feel like that today.

Gladys Knight and The Choir in Houston

The Benson's with Ally and Sister Roberts...

This picture was just taken yesterday at the Gladys Knight concert in Houston. The Benson's were so wonderful to send it to us. Ally has been excited for weeks that the choir was coming to Houston and she was really hoping to see some familiar faces from Las Vegas too. Gladys and her choir go all over the country putting on musical firesides to share their testimonies through song about the LDS church. 
Ally and her companion were able to take some people to the concert that they have been teaching and a young man who was recently baptized.  I'm anxious to get her weekly email this morning to hear how everything went! She got to see the Bensons and Gary Krausman too...she even sent home some hugs for us. I got a call this morning from Candy who said that after the concerts in Houston and Austin the missionaries received over 2,000 referrals (people who are interested in having the missionaries come and teach them more about the church). How amazing is that?! Ally is going to be a busy missionary for the next 5 weeks!!!! Yep, only 5 weeks...till we get to see her. 18 months is a long time to be away from our precious daughter, but I am so grateful that she has served such an honorable mission and shared her love of the gospel with so many. I know she will keep on being a wonderful example and missionary the rest of her life.

September 22, 2011

Forever Friends, Amazing Redwoods, Beautiful Santa Rosa...

We had such a great time visiting the Bunkers and being with our dear friends, Derrick & Jan and Nick & Keri... They're the best!
Northern California is so beautiful!! We had never seen Nappa Valley and the beautiful vineyards before. WOW. And words can't describe the majestic Redwoods. But the best part of all was getting to visit with Jon and Susan. They are amazing...
We love you guys!!!
 Ahhhhh...what a great week end.

September 21, 2011

Bowling...Chess...Maybe Golf ???

Kaden has had a broken arm, a broken ankle, and now two root canals on his front teeth!!! 
And all because of football. Oh.Dear.
One good least they crushed the Green Machine (their rival & Kaden's old team) last Saturday 42-0.
But, I'm still trying to talk him into chess or bowling. It isn't working.
p.s. thanks dr. lords and dr.'re the best

September 19, 2011


Sadie and Ally have been friends for a long time. They have shared lots of fun memories and laughs. 
I love these cute pictures from long ago. Somehow it seems like they should still be posing in their big sisters prom dresses and going to girls camp. But these sweet friends have both grown up...and they are beautiful!
It was so wonderful to be in Oakland last week as Sadie married her "best friend" James. They are such a gorgeous couple and we are so happy for them. We loved being with the Bunker family. They're the best!!

6 weeks!!!

Only 6 weeks!!! That's right, only six weeks until our missionary comes home! But I'm not excited at all. Yea right!!!! I can hardly stand it! OK so what if every sentence on this post has an explanation point! This has been the longest 18 months ever! But looking back, it really has gone by pretty fast...especially the last few months. Well, kind of...
We are all so grateful that she has had this wonderful experience and shared her love of the gospel with so many. I think she is the best missionary ever, but yeah, I guess I am a little biased. I will miss her long, inspiring, uplifting emails every Monday...but, we'll have her in person and that's way better!
She's so amazing.

We love you Allyson!!!
6 weeks! 6 weeks!

September 18, 2011

LeeLee and the Kiddos

Leah, Caleb and Olivia...just lovin' each other.

September 13, 2011

The Big Bash

We had such a wonderful time together for Dad's birthday. We really missed those of our family who couldn't be with us... We love you, and we were wishing you were with us really bad!! 
Dad is so cute. He called me after the party and read some of the cards and letters he received for his birthday and then he said, "I just think I'm the luckiest man I've had such a wonderful life."