May 31, 2009

Super Saturday

Wow what a busy day! It started out with Becca's bridal shower. Becca (Ric and Mary's daughter) and Davis will be married on the 27th of is so exciting. The shower was incredible and so much fun to see dear friends and family there. I grew up with Davis' mom Dawn. Our families were in the same ward forever!
It is so cool that we will now be related.

Mayce, Mary, Grandma Mollie and Becca

Me, Jennie, Aunt Barbara (Dad's wonderful sister) & Sharon (another amazing sister-in-law of mine)

Wow what gorgeous nieces I've got!

Photograph by Brooke Snow Photography
Davis and Rebecca...Aren't they a beautiful couple? Congrats you two!
The next stop on Super Saturday was Kaden's championship football game. His team had an undefeated season and faced another undefeated team, The Federals (from Henderson). The Green Machine played tough and fought like warriors but they lost to the Federals...(we should have called out a Federal Marshall to dis-qualify them since they illegally played with kids too old!) We were so proud of Kaden and the way he played with heart and determination even though some of his opponents were two heads taller & twice as big!!!
Now he and a few of his teamates are preparing to go to California at the end of the month for a big tournament. It's easy to sometimes forget he is only eight!!

He got hurt after one hard hit...they called out the medic but
Kaden got right back up and played the rest of the game. I heard a parent say,
"If my kid got hit like that he'd be out the rest of the day. He(double ll), I'd be out after a hit like that!!"

The best part of the game was that Papa Jack came! He was a pretty cool cowboy riding his wheel chair!!!

To top Saturday off Jackson had his friends birthday party at a very cool indoor miniature golf place...all 12 kids had a blast and I loved watching them swing away with all the cool florescent black light stuff everywhere!
Wheeeeewwwwwww! I am tired. We were even able to fit Sam's Club shopping and cleaning Dad's house in there somewhere. It definitely was a super Saturday!

May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!!!! Jax is the coolest 7 year old on the planet!
We LOVE this boy!!!
Some of his favorite things are...

*Inventing anything (He had Jennie make him a "doughnut birthday cake" She had to make the cake with cylinders to keep open parts to drop the doughnut holes into after it was done cooking...and then it had to be frosted with blue and orange frosting!!)

*Hooks, ropes, pulleys etc.

*Hanging out with his friends... he usually has at least 3 or 4 around at all times

*Keeping it real or fair... we lovingly call him the "Fair Police"

*He has an amazing memory and pays attention to details...he is so smart!

*He loves to make things and do "art projects"

*Soccer is probably his favorite sport...but he is great at baseball too!

*He is so loving & sweet...(you just have to catch him for a hug)

*Ice Cream, any flavor any time, but his favorites are probably Cookie Dough or Orange Sherbet
Happy Happy B-Day Jackson Boy! WE LOVE YOU!

Keeping Great Grampa Busy!

Papa Jack has enjoyed Kaden's baseball game and Taylor's Kidshine Singing Group this week. It has been so much fun to have him come and be with us.

Papa Jack and his namesake Jackson...
who informed his teacher at school that he would now like to be called "Jack"

Taylor had 2 Great Grampa's at her Kidshine Performance~ Wow that is so cool!
And besides that both great grampas have known each other for over 60 years!!
Levi thought it was very cool too!!! Oh Yea!

Last week Grampa Jack went to the movies to see Star Trek with Ric and Mary. He said it was "very nice on the Big Screen but I should have brought along my ear plugs!" He also went out to dinner twice and had lots of visitors bringing goodies. Like Taylor said, "Papa Jack is popular!"

Last Wednesday Allyn and I took Taylor out to dinner to celebrate her getting straight A's for the entire year!!!! Way to go TayTay! We are so proud of you!!!

I got to take Olivia and Kate to dance class today. It is almost time for their recital...only 2 more weeks to wait!
Jennie took these adorable pictures before their class last week. (They were doing class pictures)
They are so flipin cute!!

May 25, 2009

Where do I begin?

I want to get back to all things normal... I am just not sure where to begin. Last Monday after getting a phone call from Ally that she had reached Taiwan safely and was with Amy, I picked up the phone and excitedly called my mom. Then I hung up the phone and cried for a long time... as I realized I won't be able to talk to my mom and call her every day like I have for as long as I can remember. Oh, I miss her so much it hurts.

I have tried to turn my tears to happy tears as I remember and am so grateful for all of the wonderful years we had Mom here on earth and the promise of a joyful eternal reunion someday. I believe His promises are sure.

Thank You, Thank You to our wonderful relatives, neighbors, friends & our ward family... Thank you for all of the prayers, cards, food, phone calls & sweet condolences. Thank you for coming to the funerals and for your love and support for our family. We love you!

I have come to understand the pain of losing a loved one... in a way that I never completely understood before. I have also felt the peace the Savior brings and His love surround me like I have never experienced before.
I love my family. I don't ever want to be without them...
I am beyond grateful that families are forever. We have all become closer and I cherish the love we share. A card we received said, "A mother's hug lasts long after she lets go" I can still feel my mom's warm hugs and her kisses and her love pats and I hear her laugh and I can here her say, "Where have you been?" "Come here little girl!" "Be happy, enjoy life, take care of Dad... I love you, & we'll be together soon. Now get busy!"

I love you too Mom...I promise, I'll do my best.


Thanks to Dodd and Zan, Allyn and I just got back from five days at the beach. It was fabulous! And definitely the medicine we needed. We slept in, read books at the beach, swam in a heated pool overlooking the ocean, enjoyed the spa every night, played Chineese Checkers (I am still the champion) watched a lot of NBA Basketball (Go Lakers...that's for you Mom) , went only to restaurants that we had never eaten at before (Pasta Pronto was my favorite!), talked about our wonderful moms and sweet special memories, & took long walks...
I love the beach! There is something magical and healing about the ocean.


Here are some of my favorite pictures of Amy and Allyson in Thailand...
Defining Amy and The Blue Eyed American Bulldozer in Thailand and Taiwan...Now that makes me smile!