August 30, 2010


Gotta love the "Back to School" photos. So many memories...
Amy boarding the bus in 1992 and Jennie and Leah in 1986 (Amber's already on the bus)

Amber and Jennie in 1983 Check out those cool retro lunchboxes and clear plastic school bags...
Oh, and Jennie's "Thriller" shirt.

Leah had a picnic out front while waiting for Amber and Jennie to get home from school.

Amy and Leah looked so cute... Leah was very excited about wearing her new "Hypercolor" pink and purple shirt for her first day of school. It changed colors. Pink when it was cool and purple when it was hot. She was not at all happy after school... all day long her shirt was purple in places (like under her arms). She was mortified!!
Needless to say, she never wore that shirt again!

Jennie's bangs took a while to get just right every morning. And check out the "Units" outfit.
Oh wow, with matching socks and shoes.
Jennie is standing with her favorite principal, Mr. Roger Bryan in yet another homemade Units outfit.

Amy's first day of Kindergarten...she even has the band-aid from her immunization shot.
Ally was not happy that she didn't get to go to the "big school" too.

Amy and Allyson didn't exactly match...they just coordinated really well. I hope they have forgiven me by now.
But hey, they were really cute!

Now this is a really old one. Try to guess which one my mom is...

Suzanne guessed right. Mom is on the front row with the bow (of course).

August 26, 2010

Kaden is 10!

What I want to know is how did it go from 5 candles on the cake to 10 in the blink of an eye?

I am a very tired grandma after a party that lasted from 12 till 6 with lunch, arcade games, go cart racing, swimming, football, trampoline jumping, pizza, cake and ice cream & six boys all afternoon. I think they all had a great time and I am very grateful that they left to go to football practice all in one piece.
Boys. are. very. different. from. girls.

Happy Birthday Kaden... We love you!

August 23, 2010


Allyson Kay joined our family 22 years ago today. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
I remember this picture like it was yesterday...the girls were so excited to meet their new baby sister.

Allyson has always had her dad wrapped around her finger...

Ally is...
1. So Cute. She got away with pretty much everything. Always. All she had to do was smile that crooked smile and look at you with those big blue eyes...(just ask Amy)
2. Funny. She could get us all laughing...pretty much anytime. Her laugh is infectious.
3. Kind and Giving. She will give anything just to brighten someones day or bring them some happiness. Last week a special delivery guy brought me 1 doz. beautiful pink roses with a letter from Ally... She had asked him to go and get them and bring them to me just to brighten my day.
4. Spiritual. She has always loved God and had a strong testimony that strengthens and lifts all of us. Her faith is amazing. We're so grateful that she's a missionary right now. While it is oh so hard to have her away from us for 18 months...we are so thankful she is on a mission. We know she is touching many lives...without question, she's blessing ours.
5. Friendly. Everyone she meets becomes her friend. When Ally was in 3rd grade, one of her best friends was Aaron. He was blind and had Cerebral Palsy. Aaron had a teacher who spent the entire day with him and helped him. Ms. Ewing told us how Ally would spend every lunch sitting with Aaron and making sure he was happy. They would laugh and tell stories and jokes. Sometimes Aaron would call her name really loud in the middle of class, just to make sure she was close by. Aaron invited Ally to the movies one day with his family. They sat toward the back of the theater and Ally whispered to Aaron everything that was happening. The next day at school they were talking about it and laughing when someone said, "How can HE go to the movies, he can't even see?!" Ally replied, "He can to see, he just sees differently."

6. Sensitive. She always worries that everyone feels loved, cared for and is happy
7. Smart. She can figure out just about anything...and she is not afraid to work hard. She made the Deans List last year! WooHoo!!
8. Loving. Ally has always been blessed with a gift to love everyone and shows it in countless ways.
9. Humble. She has no idea how amazing she is.
10. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful inside and out...
Happy Birthday Ally... We love you!

August 21, 2010

Padres Game

We have been wanting to go to a San Diego Padres baseball game each summer for the last few years, but it just never worked out. Well this year we finally got to go, and we all had a blast! Jennie sweet talked some guy, and we ended up sitting just a few rows from the was awesome.
The story of how the kids and Jennie hopped into some cart thing pulled by a foreign speaking bicycle driving guy in downtown San Diego, I'll have to save for another day. Let's just say we haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time...and I am very grateful that everyone made it to the baseball park safely. Thank goodness. Go Padres!

Jennie went to high school with Ryan Ludwick who just got traded to the Padres...
We got to see him hit 3 home runs!!!!! Now that was cool.

Here are some pictures from long ago at a Padres game...

August 18, 2010

Beach Pics...

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”


Kaden made a video to send to Ally...his commentary is hilarious.