March 9, 2008

Dance, Football and Grandma S. Birthday

The last few days have been lots of fun and a little wild... Friday, Jennie and the kids came over to spend the night because Chad was out of town and Taylor had her very first Bunker Dance competition! Jennie had to leave at 7am to get Taylor there and so Ally(who is home for a week on spring break!) and I got Jackson and Kate ready and then went to see Taylor and the Bunker Starlets. She was adorable and is without question the cutest 7 year old dancer on the planet!
Do I sound like a proud Grama? Well, yep I am! Here is Taylor getting her first (many more to come), dance award.
After the dance competition all the girls went out to lunch to celebrate.
Then it was time for football! Kaden and the Warriors were playing the Bulldogs for 1st place in their PeeWee Division. It was a very intense game and honestly quite crazy! Parents at these football games are totally out of control. It is supposed to be FUN and a GAME for 7 and 8 year old boys! But, some of these crazy parents take it to a level I do not understand! There was almost a riot when the refs walked off the field before the game ended. All, I can say is Kaden played amazing and is such a great outside linebacker, even though most of the kids are way, way bigger than he is. Check out these awesome pictures of Kaden (in blue) tackling a huge Bulldog who had a open lane for a touchdown! Go get 'em Kaden!! (By the way, the Warriors ended up winning because the Bulldogs played 2 players that were too old and so they had to forfeit... cheaters never win!)
We all went to Grandma S. birthday get together after the game. She is 89 Years old and is such a wonderful mom, grandma and great grandma. She is such a beautiful example of everything good. We love you Grandma. Here is Allyn and his sister Georgia and their sweet mother.
Today Kate was our after dinner entertainment... She is quite the singer! And she is soooooo cute!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Kate is the cutest little girl in the world. I'm sooooooo excited to see her and the rest of the kiddos in a couple weekends. I feel like I'm completely missing them grow up!! Mom, your blog is amazing and has almost inspired me to start one of my own. I am so bored these days, and I really should be doing something productive with my life...