May 23, 2011


Last week my good friend Candy invited a few old friends over to her home for a delicious lunch. We have been friends for over 30 years! And Candy & Gary lived across the street from us for almost 18 of those years... going back over there and looking at our old house on Patrick Lane sure brought back a lot of memories. I thought of many wonderful days and cherished memories raising our little family in that home.
It will always hold a special place in my heart...
(Even though it looks and feels so much different now!) Yep, I shed a tear or two as I drove by.

by Jennifer Burns
Home is pictures of memories on the wall.
Home is sleeping in my own bed.
Home is waking up to the smell of mom's cooking.
Home is sharing the holidays with family.
Home is playing the piano in the living room.
Home is a warm place to be.
Home is sweet.
Home is the place for me.
Home is filled with love.
Home is blessed from heaven above.
Home is where my heart is.
Home has a strong foundation.
It can weather any storm.
Home is where I belong.
Home is a beautiful place.

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JENNIE! said...

you know I'm still mad we sold that house... Someday, I will get it back!