November 22, 2010


Brad is getting married this week and we are all excited and thrilled for him and his new bride, Cami. They are so happy and perfect together. I still think of my Brad as the handsome little boy who was always my biggest helper, first to help Aunt Linda make cookies, build stuff, and the first to fix anything and everything. He probably still has duct tape in his pocket. Brad has always had a heart of gold. Amy, Ally, Brad and friends and cousins. We will forever cherish our many trips to the beach with our boys. OK you guys stop growing up will ya?
I guess that's not going to happen... Really though, I am thrilled for you Brad.
And all I can say is Cami you're one lucky girl to get my Brad! (I know he is mighty lucky too)
We love you!

Brad and Cami
They first met when they were both serving missions in Boston in 2008. How cool is that?!
Congratulations you two... We are so happy for you...We love you both!!

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Dixon Family said...

Thanks for all the memories. Brad teared up when he saw this!
Love you and can't wait to see everyone this weekend for the wedding!
Love you,