November 8, 2010


Ric, Steve, me, and Scott

I can still remember going to John C. Fremont Jr High with my brothers on Saturdays and watching them fly airplanes, ride go-carts, play football etc. I have always loved having 4 older brothers.
Look at what cute little boys they were!

Steven, Ron, Scott, and Ric

Our Grandma June and Grandpa Cliff Huntington owned The Children's Shop on Las Vegas Blvd. and Oakey.
I'm pretty sure we were the best dressed kids in Las Vegas.

These pictures look like they should be in a "vintage" magazine or something.

Lisa and I are very lucky to be the little sisters to these guys!
We sure love our brothers.


joellen said...

really great 'vintage' pictures ... your grandparents and your mother were wonderful people ... of course, your father is still amazing:) love your MM's

becca mackay said...

Those are all adorable! I love them!