July 25, 2010

Tay Tay is 10!!!

Taylor Colleen is 10 years old today...say what? How can that be? It seem like it was just a couple of years ago that I was in SLC with Amy, watching her play in a volleyball tournament, when I got a call from Jennie, at about 4am, telling me that my first granddaughter was on her way and to hurry up and get home. The earliest flight to Vegas was at 6am, and I was on it. I remember hurrying so quickly and rushing to Summerlin Hospital, so excited to have gotten home in time... only Taylor was a little bit stubborn, and decided not to come until about 3 in the afternoon! We were all giddy with excitement and anticipation... finally our first grandchild was here... and she was perfect in every way. She was the most beautiful baby ever (just as pretty as our girls.) I remember when my mom went to see her at the hospital, she said,"Jennie, I think she is even prettier than you were!"
Now that was quite a compliment, coming from Grami.
Oh, Taylor, we love you! You have brought us so much joy, love, laughter and started us into this whole grandparenting world one decade ago. You will always be our #1 granddaughter...we love, love, love you Sweetheart.
Happy Happy Birthday! ... I can't believe you're into double digits!

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suzanne said...

happy birthday, taylor.

i love when she visits our primary, she's such a sweeet girl.