July 5, 2010


These pictures of Amy when she was just a few days old are priceless. Mom came over to bathe her and get her all fixed up. Mom always, always loved the babies and she could make them smell so heavenly. I love this picture of Amber and Jennie lovingly looking and watching everything...patiently waiting for their turn to hold Amy.
This picture is a little bit older Miss Amy at Grami's work...she always loved to pick up the phone and "talk."
I just hope she remembers that she will always be our little girl, and that she remembers to still call home... I'll even take a text... as last night Amy flew to Guatemala! Our world traveler is taking a Spanish language course and working in an orphanage there. She even has plans to climb a volcano! Yikes!!! She just decided to do this on her own and even found a host family to live with... She is so adventurous!

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