October 4, 2008

The Mission Call

Our nephew Coulson received his mission call yesterday! Ric and Mary invited us to their house to be there when Coulson opened it. It was so awesome to be there. This was the very first time I have actually been in the room when a young man opned his call. I've been on the phone a few times, but never in person. So Allyn, Amy and I went to their home with great anticipation. When we pulled up we saw this guy jumping off of the roof...It was Coulson! He said he couldn't stay still any longer and so he climbed up on the roof from the back of the house and jumped off in the front! It was pretty cute to see how excited he was, literally jumping with excitement and ready to go wherever the Lord wanted him to go. Soon after we arrived we all went into the living room to see him open it up and find out he is being called to serve in the...
(watch the video at the end of this post!)
We are all so thrilled for you Coulson!!! You will be an awesome missionary!!
We will soon have two missionaries from our family out in the mission field. My sister's son Brad is serving in Boston, MA. He is doing such a great job and is an amazing missioinary.

We love you Elders! We are so grateful for the example of love and service that you set for all of us.


susan bunker said...

how fun to keep it a surprise to the end! i had a huge smile on my face listening to it all! it brought back one memory :). good times!!!

Allison Barnes said...

That's so exciting! That will be great to have 2 missionaries out from your family!!

Alec and Tiffany said...

Peru Lima Central? How exciting. I served in the Peru Piura Mission. If he's got any questions about the mission let me know and I'd be glad to answer them!


Alec and Tiffany said...

Peru Lima Central? What an exciting mission! I served in the Peru Piura mission so if he has any questions about Peru, let me know! He will have a blast!