March 10, 2012

Provident Community Garden

President Schlauder, my amazing "Superman" husband, accepting recognition from Mayor Goodman.

About three months ago, Allyn came in to the kitchen and said, "I think we need to have a big garden for our Stake where families can come together, plant, work and grow wonderful fruits & vegetables. Even better, I think we need to see if we can get a community garden of some kind going and invite neighbors and friends to participate." I said, "Oh, that's a wonderful idea. I'm sure you can make that happen..." Not... Really, I said, "Are you crazy? Remember we live in a desert. How can we do that? Where would you do it? That's a really nice thought, but seriously,'re kidding right?" (So much for being the supportive wife I'm supposed to be. I am most of the time, promise.) 
Well, the Lord was behind this inspiration because someone else, our good friend Paul (who has more energy and knows more people than anyone I have ever met), was thinking the exact same thing, and soon he and several others were working with city commissioners, architects, plumbers and had 2 acres of land donated (by the amazing owners of Cumorah Academy) along with block, dirt, machinery, plumbing etc.etc.etc. So many generous people have come together to make this dream a reality. It's only the first phase and there are already 40 grow boxes, dozens of fruit trees, corn, pumpkins, squash...etc. And all of this in only three months!!!
I got a little emotional today at the big grand opening, as I watched my husband welcome wonderful people from our Stake (who have worked so hard), people from several different faiths, the mayor, county commissioners,  neighbors and friends to the Provident Living Community Garden. 
I have a feeling that there will be a bounteous harvest of friendship, hard work and greater understanding because of this beautiful garden. It's amazing.
 Allyn was interviewed by a local news station. He's quite the celebrity:)
 Olivia and Caleb thought that it was the coolest. They can't wait for the strawberries!

Last week Kaden said, "I think Grandpa should run for President, he'd be the best." Yep, he sure would be.

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