March 26, 2012

MM 109

My dad actually climbed on board the plane to take a picture as we left for our honeymoon!! 
It was 36 years ago so you used to be able to do that haha:) ...And my kids and grandkids think I'M picture crazy!! Well at least now they know where I get it from!!
We set up the timer on our camera for this one. We thought we were so clever.

 I can still remember Mom, Dad and Lisa coming to the airport to pick us up a week later.

 Amy was the driver who took Ally and Steven to the airport and the she was designated picture taker...
I'm glad she got that love of photography gene too:):)
Actually she knew I'd shoot her if she didn't take a picture.


Jena said...

Awesome! I love the picture of you and Uncle Al on the airplane! Where did Ally & Steven go on their honeymoon?

Grama Linda said...

Ally and Steve went to Puerto Vallarta
and they had a fabulous time:):)