December 1, 2011

Our Beautiful Leah

This is Ally, typing in behalf of my wonderful Mother, Linda. 
Her sweet daughter, Leah Dawn, passed from this life on Tuesday, November 29th. At this time of suffering and heart ache, we are grateful for the plan of redemption- the plan of happiness. We know we will be with our beloved Leah again. We know that families sealed together by the power of God cannot be broken. We know that Leah is encircled about in the arms of our Father in Heaven. My Mother says she can see Grami welcoming Leah and giving her a swift pat on the butt. We will always remember Leah for her tender heart. She felt so much. For her kindness and her motherly love. For her laugh and her sense of humor. She was over at the house for Thanksgiving, just a few days before her passing. She was happy and kind and had all these productive plans and righteous desires to help her get beyond her struggles and enjoy life with her family and her two children. All she wanted was to be a good mother and a kind daughter, and she was. We all love her very much, and we will miss her sorely. My dear Mom and Dad can use all of the prayers you can send out. After hearing the news of my sister's passing, I opened up my scriptures to hear God speak something to me that might be of comfort to my family. I read this. Mormon 5:21. "the Lord will remember the prayers of the righteous, which have been put up unto him for them." God, our Heavenly Father, hears and answers our prayers. We will be with Leah again. How grateful we are for that knowledge.
The viewing will be on Friday, December 2, from 5-7 pm at Palm Mortuary on Jones and Oakey.
The funeral will be held at the LDS chapel at 1801 S. Monte Cristo on Saturday, December 3, at 1pm.

We so appreciate your love, support and prayers at this time.


Jamie Thoman said...

To the Schlauders
My heart is with you at this tough time. Kelsi called me yesterday and we couldn't find anything so I looked today. I am so sorry you are hurting. Thank goodness we have the gospel. I think of Linda often and about all the fun we used to have at volleyball tournaments. Those are good memories and I'm sure you have plenty with Leah. I pray for your family to be comforted. Love to all, Jamie Thoman

Allison Barnes said...

I am so glad we have the gospel plan. I'm not sure how people get through death without the knowledge of eternal families. That tells me we need to be good missionaries so everyone has that knowledge. My Grandfather who was a sealer in the Seattle Temple always told my mom that sometimes we don't understand how strong that sealing covenant is. We will be together again. I know that for sure!

BrittWilk said...

Dear, dear, Schlauders,

My heart is hurting so badly for you. I can only imagine what you are feeling and I've been praying for you to have peace through it all. You are an amazing family and Leah is so lucky to have you, and you her. We are so blessed with the knowledge we have to know that she is always yours. Thank you for your sweet testimony, Ally. I love you all and am praying for you!

kristenita said...

Allyn & Linda -
I am so so so very sad & sorry to hear this news. My family & I are praying for you guys & your sweet family to feel comfort. Thank goodness for the Gospel & the temple & eternal families... I'm sure grammi & Leah are so happy to be together again & they are watching over you all now.... But I'm sorry for your loss right now. :( love & hugs & tons of prayers.
Kristen & Aaron & boys