December 12, 2011


I can hardly believe it is Monday again... This last week has been a blur. I've promised myself that I will get back to blogging, I just haven't had the energy to do it. "One day at a time," I keep telling myself.

I am abundantly grateful for all of the cards, letters, flowers, dinners and mostly the prayers of so many for our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.
Looking back at the many pictures I have taken over the years makes me so sad sometimes that I just have to put them away...but then there are other times like today, when I looked at them and wonderful happy memories come flooding back. I am so grateful for the happy times, the wonderful years and the many sweet memories that we had with our precious Leah. I miss her more than words can say.

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the heiner family said...

Thank you Linda! I haven't ever seen that pic of me and Leah...we look like tiny little grown ups! This experience we are going through is making me hug my kids a little tighter for a little bit longer. I know you wish you could be doing that right will come. I love you so much!