December 7, 2011

Memory Monday

I don't know where to begin or how to even start writing again. 
But like everything else, life goes on...even though there are some days when I feel it shouldn't.
I remember at the funeral for our beautiful Leah, Allyn said, "The dawn will come tomorrow. The sun will rise. 
And we will love and we will serve and we will carry on." 
Each day when I look at Leah's picture by our bed, I am reminded that she is safe, happy, loved by her grandmothers, grandpa, and most importantly in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. 
We have felt such peace and comfort and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. 
We feel your prayers and your love lifting us. 
Thank you for your Christ-like love and service, which truly knows no bounds. We love you...
One early morning last week (mornings and late nights are the very hardest) Allyn and I were just crying and holding each other and I said, "I don't know if I can ever be happy again." He didn't scold me or tell me I shouldn't feel that way...he just held me and let us both be sad and heartbroken. And soon a warm blanket so to speak, of peace and love and comfort came over both of us. I can't really describe it. I am so grateful for a loving God who hears and answers prayers. Leah gave us a little plaque one year that says, "When life gets too hard to stand, kneel." 
I know that there is no way we could carry on if we didn't know that Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation is real. 
I know we lived before we came to earth and we will live again. 
Because of our Savior Jesus Christ, our family will be together again forever. I know it.
I just love this picture of LeeLee on Christmas morning 27 years ago. 
All she ever wanted to be is a mommy. 
We love you Leah Dawn...and we miss you like crazy.


susan bunker said...

we are praying for you...a.lot. it is a lot to deal with, having a broken heart and needing to carry on. keep feeling the warmth and the peace and the love, as often as you can. it is true. the plan is for real. you will be together again. we love you.

the heiner family said...

I love you Linda! The funeral was perfect. Leah looked amazing. Each talk was just she way she would want it to, good, real memories of her and lots of reminders to Caleb and Olivia that she loved them before she met them and loves them more than anything in the world. I look forward to seeing Leah again one day...she will be so happy and have so many important goals checked off her list:) Once again, I love you!

Justin said...

Jena and I are so sorry aunt Linda. We are thinking and praying for you, Al, and family to be strong and embrace the bright future ahead. Love you most so...