February 25, 2011

Cutest Kids

Caleb and Olivia got to spend a couple of nights with us last week-end...
We love them so, and it was really wonderful to have them here. They are such sweet kids.

Kate and Livie are best friends & cousins, and are so cute together.
Lisa and I took all the kids to Justin Bieber's new movie on Saturday...(the older kids won't admit that they liked it, but I know they did.) Kate and Olivia don't deny liking it at all, and had a major case of Bieber Fever!!! Kate wants to be "the lonely girl" so that Justin will "give me flowers and sing to me on stage!"

You'd have thought it was Christmas or something, when we brought Kate and Livie home Justin Bieber shirts from the store. They were definitely some happy Bieber fans!

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