June 2, 2010


Oh my goodness, I am so far behind! It's already Wednesday and I just realized that I forgot about my Memory Monday post. I will do some catching up later...but first here is a picture that was taken on Allyson's 1st birthday, 20+ years ago. Allyn's dad, Arthur David Schlauder was an amazing man. He would have been 91 on June 8th of this year. We sadly lost him almost 12 years ago to Alzheimer's Disease. Grandpa Schlauder was funny, very quick witted, so wise, held the Iowa State's record in the 100 yard dash for many, many years, was gentle, kind, completely honest, loving, righteous and true, rose above many challenges, and is a wonderful example to us all.
Allyn David is like his dad in so many ways.

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