March 26, 2009

Wow What A Week !!! part 2

Family Night Monday was great as Brett, Azurdee, Janika, Baby Bristol, Brett's Mom and Dad, Brett's brother and his wife and two kids, Brett's sister (who happens to be in Jennie's ward and just had a baby girl last week!) sister Lisa and her son Brad... & Jennie and the kids and Jamie & Kaden all came!! I got home from moving my mom and dad at 5pm and dinner was ready at 6pm thanks to Jennie and Leah and all their help. I love that our family has grown so much in the last week...we feel like we have known Azurdee and Brett and their family forever...I am quite sure that we have...they are wonderful and we love them!

We were so happy to be able to drive just a couple of minutes and let Bristol meet Great Grami Colleen and Great Grampa Jack...

Tuesday Leah's kids, Caleb and Olivia were able to meet Bristol and it was so sweet... You could'nt wipe the smile off of Olivia's face! Caleb looked at Bristol for a second, gave him a hug and was off to play video games with Kaden. Olivia got to feed Bristol a bottle...and Azurdee and Brett made her feel so special. Caleb was sure to show Janika where the M&M jar was and then they were all off to play. It was a sweet, special day as I felt Heavenly Fathers loving arms around us and all of these beautiful kids. Knowing that this crazy unorthodox family of ours is forever ...every one of us... is such a blessing to me. While Leah has made many choices that she is not proud of, the choices she is making now are good and right. Isn't it amazing that through the unconditional love of our Savior we can be made whole, clean & pure and joy and happiness can be found...
He makes impossible things possible.

Jennie did a photo shoot... I can't wait to see all of the pictures. You know we just don't take enough pictures around here. (ha! ha!)

Here are a couple that she emailed she's good!

Amy and soon as you get home we will go and meet your new nephew and new niece.
We sure miss you two!


Brett, Azurdee, and Our Two Miracles said...

Linda, love all of the pictures! That was such a fun memory. We loved spending time with your's almost like we went through withdrawal now that we can't see you so often! My favorite part of the Tuesday visit was watching Olivia just love Bristol. I'm so glad she got to do that and will be able to see him. Leah also looks beautiful in the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

sadie said...

i love new babies... they are so perfect!