November 5, 2012

MM 135 Bragging, Babies and Blessings

Our nephew Justin... & Sharon and Ron several years ago:) How cute is this picture?
And Dr. Justin Huntington today...

I just have to brag a little... I can't resist.
My nephew is a real smartie pants scientist doctor. Justin has his doctorate in Hydrology which is basically the study of water, and a whole lot more. Well, he was just appointed, as one of 25 international scientists, yes world wide!!! to the NASA Landsat Science Team. Oh yeah, how cool is that?! 
Allyn was talking to him on the phone the other day for a while when Justin said, "Hey Uncle Al, can I call you back, NASA has been waiting on the other line." Al came in with a smile on his face, just shaking his head... 
We love our nephews and nieces...they sure make us proud:)
  Jena, Jax and them!

 We are so happy for our nephew Tyler and his wife Kelly who just had their 2nd baby boy, Rhett. 
Keep those handsome Dixon boys coming!!
Proud Mimi Lisa with Kalvin and Rhett in Nebraska, where Ty is going to law school.

And we're thrilled for Becca and Davis who just welcomed their new baby girl Harper. 
She is so beautiful:)
 Our family is growing...Grami is sending blessings from heaven for sure.


Jena said...

Awww, thanks, Aunt Linda! We love you too! You can also add us to be next on the list for babies...

Grama Linda said...

What?!!!! Awwww that is sooo exciting! Congratulations:):):)