August 13, 2012

Memory Monday 126

This great picture of Amy and her friends was taken about 7 years ago at a BYU football game.
Amy's friend Nicole is from England and she busted out the flag for the perfect photo opp.

We have absolutely loved watching the Olympics...I'm so sad they are over:(
Congratulations to all of the amazing athletes...their hard work and dedication is inspiring.
We are an Olympicwatchingfamilyforsure!!!
Here are some pics of our Family Olympic Kick Off BBQ...
 Running with the Olympic Torch...& putting cotton balls in a bowl with vaseline covered noses:)
 Blowing bubbles through hoola hoops:)
Enjoying yummy "Olympic Burgers"
We also had... Biggest Cannonball Competition (Steve soaked me and Grandma Teresa!!)  Ballyball, Trampoline Tricks, Weight Lifting Relays, Javeline Throw through Hoola Hoops, Swimming Races...and lots more!! 
It was a fun new tradition for sure...
The Fabulous Gold Medal Winners

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Dixon Family said...

Love it! What a great tradition! You will have to come up here to Utah for the Winter Olympic kick-off, so we can have some fun snow events!