December 6, 2008


This week has been pretty crazy. Monday Amy left for Germany to visit Ivan who is playing professional volleyball there. Today she emailed this funny newspaper clipping...saying that she made the paper in Germany! Literally translated it says "Ivan is happy now because Amy is also finally in Moers." In the article itself the only thing I can read says, "Las Vegas" and "US girl Amy" I told her she is becoming famous around the world!

Tuesday Leah was able to come home from the hospital. Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers. She still has some recovering to do...but she is definitely on the mend. I love this picture of her and Caleb and Olivia...We are all praying for you Leah to be completely well very soon...

Thursday night we got a call from Jamie saying Kaden got hit really hard at football practice and they were at the emergency room (I have had enough of ER's!!) checking his head out.
I of course freaked out! The first thing Kaden said when I saw him was..."Grama I'm playing in my game on Saturday no matter what!" Thank goodness everything was OK and with the docs approval, he did play in his game today and he was awesome!

Thursday night was also the big High Council Christmas Dinner for all the High Priests in our Stake and their wives. It was wonderful. The food was delicious and the program was perfect. There were probably 350 people there. All who were involved did a fabulous job... I am mad I didn't take pictures...what was I thinking!?


Anonymous said...

I think that article about Amy and Ivan is the funniest thing I have ever seen! They sure seem happy :)
I love the pictures of Christmas have been a wonderful mother and your girls each know how much you love them!
And...I love you!

suzanne said...

bring the paper to church and steve will translate it for you. :)

i'm glad that leah is feeling better, that is a great picture.

susan bunker said...

I hope Amy enjoys her visit!

I pray Leah gets well soon! She is so beautiful! I remember the day they took that picture. That is the picture I always have of her in my head when I think of her. I am glad:).

I wish I could have been at the party! I really think it was a wonderful idea! A lot of work, but a wonderful idea!

Love to your whole family!