November 11, 2008


There were thirteen of us at the movies last night! We all wanted to see Madagascar it was a unanimous decision... we had a great time. Caleb and a few of the girls were the only ones who would pose for a picture!

Kaden scored two touchdowns in his football game on Saturday... Kaden = Stud!
It was a little difficult to make Sunday dinner...I couldn't have without Amy's help! But it was fun to have everyone over. My arm is actually doing great... it is amazing what doctors can do. I am starting to get some more movement back...I am actually typing with two hands!! I will forever beep when going through airports...thanks to the plate and screws holding my bone together...but it is totally worth it, rather than a full arm cast for eight weeks!!!
I am so grateful that it wasn't worse...and I promise to hold on to hand railings from now on...can't quite promise about the slowing down part...but I will try. Thanks again for all of the love and well wishes.


susan bunker said...

what beautiful grandchildren! kaden is amazing! and you...thank goodness you are healing quickly!

suzanne said...

really, you deserve like a best grandma award. i'm glad you're healing quickly.

Allison Barnes said...

I am so glad you are feeling a bit better! I agree with Suzanne for the best grandma award!

So, was the movie good? worth the theatre or wait for dvd?

Grama Linda said...

Hi Allison,
It really was worth it...(but I would definitely go to the matinee.) There were some very funny parts...