July 16, 2012

MM 124

With the Olympics coming in just a couple of weeks, it has brought back lots of memories of Amy's dream to play on the Olympic Volleyball team. She was invited to train at the USA training facility in Colorado Springs when she was 15 and was chosen to be a member of the USA Junior National team. She played volleyball all over the world and loved every minute of it.
Then in high school Amy suffered a really bad back injury... and those plans had to be changed. 
I remember taking her to a doctor to get the results of an MRI and hearing him tell Amy that she would never play college volleyball with a back as bad as hers...I also remember hearing Amy say, "Watch me!" as she walked out of his office. 
Amy had a great college career...but her back had had enough, so dreams of playing professionally in Europe and maybe even in the Olympics came to an end. 
I am so grateful for Amy and her desire to always pursue the very best life has to offer, even if the road is a bit different that she had once dreamed.

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