November 9, 2011


 Ally's Home!!! We have looked forward to this day for a long, long time... 18 months to be exact. 
Allyn and I were able to go to Houston, Texas to meet the wonderful people that Allyson has come to know and love, and bring her HOME! I really can't put into words how amazing our visit to Houston was. It was something I will cherish all of my life... So many wonderful people, experiences and miracles. Sister Schlauder was a fabulous missionary and was loved by everyone she came to know in Texas. 
The picture above, is right after the first time we saw Ally at the mission president's home last Tuesday, November 1st. They were having a final meeting for the 12 departing missionaries when Allyn and I got there. We came into the entryway, Allyson came around the corner, and right there we had a tearful, hugging, emotional scene. Ahhhh, it was wonderful. The rest of the missionaries sitting in the family room and the mission president and his wife all had teary eyes right along with us.
We all went to the Houston Temple after leaving the mission home. Talk about a 
The senior mission couples provided a delicious meal for all of us at the temple too. And then the next morning we went back to the mission home where President and Sister Pingree provided a fabulous big breakfast for all of us. After breakfast each of the departing missionaries shared their testimonies. Yep, more tears for sure. 
There just aren't words to describe all of the emotions, feelings and pure joy.

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Jena said...

Awesome! Welcome home, Ally!