October 19, 2011

Lots of Helping Hands

President Jeff Parker and President Allyn Schlauder

These two Stake Presidents and the wonderful leaders from the Redrock and Sandstone LDS Stakes put together an amazing Youth Conference a couple of weeks ago. Over 700 youth and adults had a wonderful time serving in the community, having wholesome fun together, & sharing faith and testimonies. For one of their activities, they did a "Extreme Park Makeover" at Bob Baskin Park.  Hundreds of volunteers donated time, equipment, supplies, bushes and shrubs, tools, rocks, tree trimming trucks, paint, etc. etc. It was really amazing seeing so many good people and wonderful youth come together and serve in our community.
This is what a local newspaper said:
"More than 700 youth and adults from local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are teaming up to make some much needed renovations to Bob Baskin Park. The volunteers,  are from the Las Vegas Redrock Stake and Sandstone Stake.
The volunteers have collaborated with local businesses, which are donating all the equipment and all the materials for this massive undertaking, including replacing diseased trees, planting new landscape, installing new exercise equipment, painting the play equipment, putting in sod, building a gazebo and more.
“This is a true example of a public-private partnership of businesses, non-profit agencies, residents and city staff coming together to assist our community during hard economic times,” said Ward 1 Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, who represents the area. “The local stakes were looking for a volunteer project, and we have a park that is 40 years old that is in need of some renovations. By working together, we are able to see some much needed improvements to this park, at no expense to taxpayers. I am so proud of all the youth who have volunteered their time to give back to the community.”
Volunteers have helped on clean-up projects across the city, but never have so many mobilized at a single time."
All of the work didn't get completed during the 2 days for Youth Conference, so President Schlauder asked families if they would like to spend Family Night at the park that Monday and help finish the project. We loved gathering with our neighbors and friends at the park. We helped paint, clean, rake and had a wonderful time working together. 
Here are some pics I took with my phone since I forgot my camera...Jennie took all of the great pictures above!
 There was a Helping Hands wall that all of the kids got to put their hand prints on. 
What a great experience...

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