August 2, 2010

Amy is home!

At least until her traveling bug takes her to some other foreign country, Amy is HOME, well not really home, but at least in America, and we are so grateful. SO.GRATEFUL. She about gives her poor mother (me) heart failure with all her independent traveling. A beautiful girl traveling alone in Central America... Yes, I worried a lot. Have you ever seen the movie "Taken"...I had several dreams about that movie while she was away. That was not good. What is good, actually amazing and wonderful is all of the fabulous experiences and wonderful people she has met all over the world. Amy teaches me everyday about loving and experiencing life without limits. Read more about her amazing adventures here... We love you Amy. Welcome HOME. Now, come and see us soon...pleeeease!

1 comment:

suzanne said...

that movie is the representation of my WORST NIGHTMARE! i cried through the whole thing.... i think i would never sleep if amy were mine. :) but, what great stories will she have to tell her children!